Using the Flippy Page Technology The content of this website is the copyright of World Nexus Publications © 2008-2010 Bookmarks Thumbnail Views Fit to Screen Print Document Zoom In to Read Download PDF File Sound Off/ON Share Page or Article Page Through to: First Page Last Page Back Forward Slide Show Back Forward Maneuvering around the magazine is actually pretty straight forward, but you have to know what ‘buttons to push’ so to speak. This can be done several ways. on the sides of the page(s) there are two small white triangles that act as arrows allowing the Flippy Page to turn the page either forward (right page arrow) or backward (left page arrow) automatically. Another way is to take your mouse, and single click anywhere on a page (left or right) and a hand will appear. With this hand you can hold the ‘LEFT’ mouse button down, while dragging the edge of the page to flip the page over. Just as if you were doing a real magazine page. Or you can just keep the “LEFT” mouse button pressed down (without clicking) and turn the page yourself. If you know the page you want, from say the Table of Contents, you can either flip through the pages to get to it. Or simply type that number into the BAR at the top left side of the screen. Go-To Page Bar Search For Go-To Page Bar If you find the Flippy Page too difficult to move around in, you can put the magazine into a single page slider format. This will also run a little bit faster than the ‘Flippy Page’ technology, but will not take away from your experience or prevent you from enjoying the Journal. Simply triple click (rapidly) on any page (it doesn’t matter) and your page will appear flat. From here you can simply press the arrows on both side of the pages to go onto the next page, or double click on each page to slide forward to the next page. Clicking the Zoom Tool at the bottom of bar of the screen. you wil be presented with a Magnification Slider that will allow you to zoom into the page. You may enlarge it as BIG as you like and the clarity of the text will not be hindered, nor blurred. You will see a new bar at the bottom of the page (just above your Tool Bar) with the Magnification Slider in the center. Drag the slider to magnify to the resolution you find comfortable. To return to the normal size text, either drop the slider all the way to the left, or click the Zoom Tool to remove it. When you move your mouse pointer (cursor) onto the page, you will see a small hand appear. Holding down the left mouse button on the page, will allow you the ability to move the page around in any direction you want, as you read it. Thumbnail View can be helpful if your like most enjoy thumbing through the magazine to see if something catches your eye and looks interesting. You can do that too with our Flippy Page technology. Simply click on the icon at the bottom of the window, and the Thumbnail’s View Pane will open up. Simply use the white arrows on the top and bottom of the view pane to scroll the all the pages quickly. Once you found something you’d like to get a better look at, just double click and it will be loaded in the Main View Screen. You can also download a full copy of the Journal right to your computer...and run it WITHOUT an Internet Connection. (But be warned it could a little while to download depending on your connection) RIGHT CLICK on these LOGOs and choose a place to save the .EXE file on your computer