our biggest surprise is that although you've lost your physical body, your cocoon, you come to the realization that despite that fact you have now lost your physical form your existence continues on…but where? Having lost your physical limitation, you now realize that death did not end your existence. Whether you chose to stay in the darkness or follow the light wherever it may lead you, is entirely up to you. Whatever follows, or whatever happens, be it positive, negative, or somewhere in-between, is determined by what choices you make, in the state you are now in. Be they expected or unexpected, you're still you. Your energy continues, you still think, you still remember, and best of all, you still love. You take it all with you, wherever you find yourself for eternity. You still exist…and you feel very much alive. Possibly even more so than you did before died, but the only thing really different about you, is that you are no longer limited by a physical being in a physical world. And just as you learned to walk as an infant, now you must learn new things all over again. You are no longer limited to all the possibilities. Whatever the dimensional plane you decide to land on, there are infinite possibilities open to you, and mostly likely more comfortable and more meaningful to you the one you just departed. Yes you have no body, and yes you're dead, but now you're no longer trapped with any limitations or earthly rules, except those that are self-imposed. Whatever you do, understand this, as your adventure begin in this state, you have a lot of leaning to do. Belief and value systems often help get us through the dying process. Many have claimed to have even seen  angels or deceased family members that have passed  before them to come help them get through the process.
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