Is an experience that pertains to the mental processes of perception, memory, judgment, and reasoning, as contrasted with emotional and volitional processes between the spiritual entity and the living. Often referred to as an ‘intelligent’ apparition or manifestation. An intelligent apparition is when a spirit shows itself to you as they looked when alive. Apparitions almost never display lower legs and lower arms. Seeing an intelligent apparition is considered rare and normally only happens when the spirit is trying to make direct communication with the observer Defines that the experience was non-interactive, ignoring the living entirely as if the event were a prerecord residual energy left over for reasons unexplained (possibly due to atmospheric conditions). As if the ghost or spirit is a character giving another performance or rerun of the event. As if repeated on a film or radio recording, in which the performer appears over and over again. Before we continue, watch this film clip from the 2005 movie “An American Haunting,” staring Donald Southerland and Sissy Spacek. The tale takes place in Red River, Tennessee, where their teenager daughter (Rachel Hurd-Wood) becomes plagued by frequent nightmares. Her mother, Betsy Bates, discovers an old letter written in 1817 by one of her ancestors, Lucy Bell, regarding a dispute of lands determined by a clerical judged of the church, her husband John Bell, has been cursed by his nemesis Kathe Batts, accusing her of being a witch. From this point on, an unknown entity begins to threaten, John, and his wife and daughter Betsy, attacking the girl over several nights. With the support of Betsy's school teacher, Richard Powell, who tries to find a rational explanations of the manifestation; her brother John Bell Jr.; and their friend James Johnston, unsuccessfully attempt exorcising the entity from their historic house. Then see if you can analyze it from the information provided using the terminology provided as an actual haunting case.

What? Don’t Have DivX? Click Here to Get it! Like the ghosts of the present, this apparition can even be of ones self going back in time to give warning to themselves. Also referred to as a ‘harbinger’ or ‘The grim reaper.’ Usually an apparition can be the soul of a historical figure that appears as a visual representation from the past, in mannerisms and period, that has been dead for many years, and can linger from time to time to haunt the living usually for a short period, but they have been known to linger around for decades, and even centuries. The most common type apparition is that of a human soul,.At times they are considered to be an OBE (out of body experience), often reported in hospitals during surgery, or after a traffic accident, or after a person has been resuscitated…as well as someone who recently passed. Unlike a ghost that appears as an apparition, this spirit is usually invisible, and could have been the soul of a living person, but is often considered an soul of unknown origin, that may or may not have ever been a human being. They are often only detectable by their ability to use kinetic force, opening doors, throwing items, breaking glass, etc. However can make a rare appearance as an unrecognizable type of manifestation, not considered an apparition; a fog or a mist. This type of entity is often referred to as a ‘harbinger,’ an ‘angel,’ a ‘demon’ or the ‘the grim reaper. An entity is an unknown that has a distinct, separate existence, though it may not have ever had a physical existence, without a soul in its own distinct existence, neither living or nonliving. Although, ghosts and spirits can also be called or considered an entity. A Benevolent entity serves as messengers or protector, usually associated with a living person and have been reported by in near death experiences. They are characterized as expressing goodwill or kindly feelings with a benevolent attitude; desiring only to protect and help others. Mostly a charitable individual if it is ghost, and loving soul if it is an unknown spirit. Not very common, but the most dangerous, and are usually only encountered when an individual invites one into their lives, by fooling around with various forms of witchcraft and black magic, or divination tools; such as the Ouija board. Playing with the occult reciting incantations unknown to the living, can attract, much like as a homing beacon, as an open invitation for the ‘malevolent entity,’ or ‘demon’ spirit if you will. Once invited in, they won’t leave easily. This would be a matter best left to and handled by professionals versed with this phenomena, including clerics, psychics or those well versed in the psychology of the paranormal.
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