lthough the looks on the doctors' faces show concern, that's normal. It's all part of our human condition. Your conscious mind finds it inconceivable that you are not long for this earthly-world, bound tight in time and space, and for now in this room. But unconsciousness is used to it. After all, it's been trained since birth to live, thrive, and survive.  We are who we are through the learned external stimuli we've received in our existence. Yet as life slips away bleeding onto the operating table, we have never learned to really accept defeat or death willingly, without fighting. But that's automatic and to be expected, after all we're only human and subject to the human condition. Your body begins to go limp as the pain seems to be subsiding...but as it can feel your heart has suddenly stopped. Nor can you fill your lungs with another breathe as they collapse like a deflated balloon. You notice the doctors are now frantic as the light behind them begins to fade into darkness. Sounds of the operating room are now muffled, and the last thing you hear is, "One, two, and three, clear!" Finally your eyes roll up into your head and everything fades to black. You no longer have sight, you no longer have feeling and you can no longer move, as you can no longer hear. Your death is imminent. You have now ceased to exist in this world as you once were, to become only a memory for those that once knew you were here. There is no more pain, when suddenly you realize…you're now dead. Cast into the sombre silence of calm and quiet eternity. Then it hits you: you're still here and you still exist...but where is here?
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