ir Elementals can be conjured in any area of open air where gusts of winds are present. The common air elemental appears as an amorphous, shifting cloud when it answers its summons to the Prime Material plane. They rarely speak, but their language can be heard in the high- pitched shriek of a tornado or the low moan of a midnight storm. While the Air Elementals are not readily recognized by many,( nothing more than the wind) you'll find other inhabitants of the planet will tell you that they have witnessed the forces of  its wrath first hand, and some many times, and they will tell you, it can strike at anytime, without warning. Winds on our planet are relatively mild in comparison to those that scientists have witnessed on other planets in our solar system, like Jupiter and Saturn. Yet air elementals can offer us a focused blast of wind that can level cities. A category five hurricane can reach wind speeds in excess of 156 miles per hour (256 kilometers per hour), while the vortex of a  tornado has been known to exceed 318 mph (509 kph). Of course nearly everyone on Earth has experienced the 'dust devil' which is usually harmless, but namely does imply an Air Elemental at work. The Air Elemental's mastery of its natural element gives it a strong advantage when it's 'hell-bent' on destruction, from tornado to typhoon. The Air Elemental is said to often show great intelligence, and  yields a destructive force to be reckoned with, especially when teamed up with the Earth and/or Water Elemental,. and adds a hellish fuel when working in conjunction with the Fire Elemental, that can destroy everything in its path. So the next time you feel a light and breezy energy around you remember, the Air Elemental also provides us with the life-giving air we breathe, as well as the destructive, menacing storms and winds that destroy. Should it happen again, So the next time you see a storm cloud on the horizon, or the mystique of a ground fog, remember the Air Elemental is at work, and its intent, is hardly ever realized, until it’s already upon you.
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