ire, like water, is regularly used to remove the harmful effects of contact with persons and things which are considered a contagion and can lead to a lethal pandemic. It has for thousands of years been used to drive away evil of all sorts, both spiritual or physical. The Romans used to insist that when a person attended a Roman funeral they had to be sprinkled with water and to walk over fire in order to remove the contagion of death — a rite known as the ‘fire- walk.’ Since Prometheus was presented the Fire Element by the gods, its force has been both a blessing and curse on all humanity. In the last decade over 140 million acres of forest land has been devastated by fire, both natural and man- made, in the United States alone; with the loss of over 127,000 homes and 5,218 deaths (3rd quarter 2010), caused by fire. These fires are often fueled by high winds and dry land. And when one considers the rest of the world, the statistics can be mind boggling. This is not to say that the Fire Elementals were responsible, but ask many a firefighter on the California fire- line what he thinks, and you may get some pretty surprising answers. They'll tell you tales of fiery vortexes springing up all around them, stretching for hundreds of feet into the air, known as 'fire devils.' These flaming tornadoes have been known to jump fire breaks and trap firefighters, where they've reported seeing snake-like winged creatures within the flames when temperature exceed 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Mother Earth has an uncanny way of reclaiming what is rightfully hers, and the use of her Fire Elementals is said to be one of them. From the ashes of destruction, having cleared and cleansed the earth, nutrients feed the scorched earth, and everything begins anew-Just as it has for several millennia.
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