The infusion and richness of water throughout every aspect of our planets development and how it affects human life makes it particularly subject on multiple levels as to its power and how that power is translated. Water after all sustains humanity – every species on the planet relies on it and without it we could not survive. Yet the depth of water’s symbolic potential and understanding presents mankind with many different interpretations and possibilities of this Elemental. Because water has come to symbolize many complex aspects of the human condition in relationship to the natural, civilized and mythical worlds. Mankind congregates toward this element in multitudes. If one were to look at satellite images of the planet taken at night, a striking feature becomes evident. And that is the most of the major populations around world are located very close to water, whether it be a sea, an ocean, a river or a lake. So its not surprising that this element has found it’s way into our psyche that is ruled by the soulless creatures of the Water Elemental. A force said to be controlled by the Greek god Neptune, with his minions being mermaids and nymphs (Naiads and Undines), which have been seen in every corner of the world, be it ocean, sea, river, fresh water brook, or waterfall; their aspects vary depending on their habitat. Together with the forces of the Elementals of Earth and Air, the Water Elemental can conjure up the powers of Neptune and the sea to destroy great cities and civilizations, whether it be a massive tsunami, a fierce hurricane, or a rain pounding typhoon, that not only causes a total destruction in a single blow, but kills thousands mercilessly. Add to this the selective ability to create a ‘water spout’ (tornado over water) or a ‘white squall’ wreck havoc to sea going vessels, or an small island paradise, the Water Elemental is one of the most destructive of all.
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