Another hot topic within the paranormal community, deals with the subject of ‘Certification.’  Which often turns into a heated debate with a lot of  mixed opinions. Many a seasoned paranormal investigator will first ask, “Who’s really qualified to certify another investigator in the art of paranormal investigation and research? And will often tell you that most of the certification courses offered on-line are offered by noshing more that money-grabbing, con-artist, charlatans seeking to make a quick profit on unsuspecting hobbyists. World Nexus Publications, that’s us, The Dimension Zone, In the Shadows Paranormal Project, and the Journal of Anomalous Sciences are all for making money. After all, who isn’t? But there are different ways of making it, especially when it comes to the paranormal. We for example, market our logos by selling products in anyone who wants them from our on-line store ‘The Quantum Marketplace.’ Why? Because it helps offset the expense of bringing you our high quality websites ‘free of charge!’ And no, we’re not getting rich off of it. In fact, our profit is less than 10% of the products you buy, which doesn’t even come close to cover expenses. And we do accept donations. But let’s get back to subject of certifications. When you do a search with Google or any other of the top search engines you find a myriad of web sites stipulating that they will, ‘Validate your proven experience and knowledge.’ Oh, really now? If that’s the case, is it really a reason you should get certified?  ‘Earning a Paranormal Certification validates your proven experience and knowledge in paranormal investigation.’ Uh huh, sure it does, just like getting certified as a minister of faith on-line qualifies you to counsel a couple experiencing marital problems, or psychological issues. Many even claim to be designed as ‘relevant in today's rapidly changing investigative fields, Paranormal Certification will help you utilize evolving technologies, fine-tune your investigation skills, and improve your standing with peers.’ Sure it will...Just like on-line training will qualify anybody on the street to conduct murder investigations with the Crime Scene Investigative teams of many major metropolitan police! Whether you are new to paranormal investigation, or a seasoned paranormal investigation professional, the number one reason for even considering a certification course would be to demonstrates that everyone on your team is committed to advancing their skills and synchronizing a methodology to the science of the paranormal.  Doing so would allow such a team to take on the greater challenges or what it really means to be a ‘paranormal’ investigator or researcher. As a result of this, when you’re ‘selling’ your organization as team, you know they’re qualified, and if trained as professionals, they will act accordingly. The trick is to find a Paranormal Certification resource that you believe will give your team a leading edge. The rest will be up to the groups founders and leaders. The major benefits of such training will give you piece of mind that everyone is ‘on the same page’ during any investigation! Only then, can you claim to be trained professionals in the field of this fledgling anomalous science. Another advantage to the certification process, is that it can open new opportunities to connect with a vast network of qualified paranormal investigators, both domestically and internationally. In the Shadows Paranormal Project only has 16 members, yet we have become an international organization that is trained, and internally certified.  However, when looking for a qualified course beware of scams. Many web sites claiming to be professionals, have in fact, NEVER been on a real paranormal investigation in their lives, and would most likely high-tail out of an investigation, as quickly as their legs could carry them, should they ever come face-to-face with an entity, much less an apparition. In paranormal investigation there is more research to the investigation, like any forensic crime scene, than time on vigils in haunted locations. For which some members on your team may be more suited to, than spending many late hours on an actual haunt bored out of their minds. In the real world, ninety-five percent of the time and investigation ends with NOTHING EVER HAPPENING! However, it’s that five percent, that when it does, keeps those season researchers coming back for more. If you truly want to learn about the world of the paranormal, experience is the best teacher. Surrounding yourself with other reputable groups and organizations can me a valuable asset. As knowledge transfer and networking is critical to the success of an investigative team. It only begins with the proper training. It’s the analysis of the data that’s the hard, and often most boring part of being a real professional.
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