Bigfoot Investigation Captures Accidental Footage We were submitted an original video taken during a Bigfoot investigation taken during the fall in one of the Southern States of the USA. While a man is explaining to some cryptozoologists what he’d seen and experienced, what appears to be a Bigfoot bolting away is spotted when the video was reviewed by the team. This video yielded yet another investigation, and no evidence was found...yet they felt this video was definitive proof of a Bigfoot in the area. Our Review of the Video Clip Submitted Our first review of the video made gave us the impression that it was pretty impressive video segment and easily understood why this cryptozoology group would pursue additional investigations based on what they saw. Bigfoot Video Footage Twenty nine seconds into the video as the witness is relating his tale of what direction his sighting of Bigfoot ran, on the horizon directly under his arm there appears to be a silhouette of a tall creature (assumed to be Bigfoot) that had been in a crouching position, stand up and bolt quickly over the horizon and disappear into the woods. The clip section of the clip is less than three seconds...However, each second of film has within it, 29 frames. The logical next step, was to dissect the video frame-by-frame. Information Regarding the Video The video above has been converted from the original submission into DivX for presentation here in High Definition for you. Thus the quality is comparable to the original. However you can download the original (.wmv Windows Media View) video file if you choose to examine this video frame-by-frame. Clicking Here (19 megabytes). Now you can play video one frame at a time in Windows Media Player. Playing a Video Frame-by-Frame with Windows Media Player Some videos recorded for Windows Media Player can be played back at various speeds, including frame- by-frame. This options is only available as of Windows Media Player version 11.  This can be helpful method to search any evidence that will play with WMP by sifting through the video frames in order to pinpoint areas of interest. Allowing you to go back and edit the video. To do this you must: 1. Start playing the video file you have, it can be a unfinished WMV file you have created or a recently bought DVD. 2. Right click anywhere in the viewing windows, or from the View menu located along the top of your Windows Media Player Window. 3. Select Enhancements 4. Then click Play Speed Settings, or to watch frame-by-frame click on the left and right arrows at the bottom of the pop-up window allowing you to either select the previous frame button or the next frame button. BTW – Not all videos can be played back one frame at a time in Windows Media Player, to return the player back to normal speed press the normal play button at the bottom of the Media Player window. The Analysis Once the video was broken down to the frame level using Magix Pro 15, it became evident that the evidence would suggest that what was being observed within this footages is the result of ‘pareidolia.’ Although the apparent entity begins to be moving quickly in the distance away from the subjects (at 29 seconds into the clip) into the forest, our investigation of the video began by watching the video in slow motion to identify the specific frames involved. Closer examination of those frames suggested that the entity is most probably a leaf or other small debris caught on a spider web between small branches of foliage in the foreground. Being the field of depth (automatic focus of the video camera) was attempting to autofocus the camera lens (type of camera is unknown) on the largest object, in this case the man pointing in the video, pareidolia gives us the illusion of a tall entity in the background that is distorted (out of focus). Our Conclusion Once the video was broken down to the frame-by-frame it was evident, that the entity was in fact a leaf, most likely suspended from a spider web from within the shrubbery in the foreground. If you watch the video again, notice that there is another leaf up and to the left of the leaf that had been identified as a possible sighting of Bigfoot. It is our conclusion no hoax was being perpetrated, and the error was due to nothing more than pareidolia. When All Avenues Have Been Exhausted to Determine What It Could Be Whatever Remains that Defies Logical Paranormal Video Analysis Ghost Hunting 101
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