t should first be understood that until recently, when paranormal research had been considered in a location, the only resource available was hearsay about the location. When looking for vital clues as to whether a place is actually haunted or not, one must understand the nuances of what defines a haunted location to better ascertain whether it is a 'actually,' haunted or only 'purportedly,' haunted.       Many people nowadays, because of the popularity of 'Haunted Television,' will visit haunted locations in the high hope of definitely experiencing something paranormal. These people are going to be greatly disappointed, and are usually wasting their time. Many experienced paranormal researchers will tell you that for a single 'paranormally compelling' case, where evidence has been objectively captured to verify the haunt, they've sat through another 99 cases that revealed absolutely nothing and or were totally explainable! However, it should be noted, when it does happen, it's worth it.
According to those experienced most with paranormal research, a 'haunting' would need to be classified as one of three types of occurrence. Each type would be of unknown origin that would seem to have paranormal phenomena associated with it. For instance, a place -such as a home residence or building- or a person who seems to experience phenomena no matter where he or she is, or a thing - an item that seems to attract paranormal activity. Any of these can be attributed to the activities of a discriminate entity; including apparitions, poltergeist disturbances, cold drafts, sounds of footsteps or voices, and various foul or pleasant odors. Many paranormal groups are quick to classify an event as a 'haunting and in most cases blame it on a ghost, spirit or demon. Within these pages we will simply refer to the unknowns as an 'entity.' The terms 'ghost, spirit or demon' are usually assumptive when referring to paranormal phenomena, unless referring to the specific manifestation of an apparition of a deceased human (known or unknown), including disembodied voices, and even unexpected noises in the night such as pounding, footsteps, or animalistic in nature! TThe truth is, no one really knows for certain what is causing the phenomena, although there have been thousands of theories and thousands of documented experiences from people all over the globe, since the beginning of recorded history. For this purpose we will examine such events and let you decide if it's a 'ghost, spirit or demon,' or just an 'entity' of unknown origin that defies explanation.
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