verything on this short list has a commonality: each point list is part of the "human condition," in one way, or another. highlighted by human emotion. Because we take our innermost emotions and feelings along with us into the after-life, it would be logical to conclude that a person who exemplified living life and was a decent, loving, & courteous individual, would most likely make a decent loving and courteous ghost. Charles Manson will always be Charles Manson. After so many years locked away in prison, he has become even more of a poster child for capital punishment than he ever was. Thus you can now surmise what kind of human it person could, in death, create an evil and malevolent entity. Hopefully this all makes sense now, as well, as to how ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ghosts may have been the foundation for being classified as angels and demons. So should a paranormal investigator, or weekend ‘ghost hunter’ ever try to provoke a ghost or spirit? Maybe we should first ask; Would that be done to a living total stranger on the street? Most probably not. So why would anyone want to do that when trying to make contact with the dead? Much less when trying to communicate with them...Most likely one would cold-cocked by the living, and encourage a haunting of the dead. The answer of course, is ‘NO.” Pissing anyone off, living or dead, will get you nowhere fast.  And many a seasoned paranormal investigator or researcher will tell you, you'll get better results, and more likely get a better Electronic-Voice- Phenomenon (EVPs) interaction with a spirit, if you a approach them in a civil and courteous manner as you would anyone in life.. The content of this website is the copyright of World Nexus Publications © 2008-2011