The content of this website is the copyright of World Nexus Publications © 2008-2011 In the Shadows Paranormal Project and the Dimension Zone would now like to present you with places around the globe that have not only been classified as fascinating, exciting, and mysterious, but they qualify as the ‘World’s Most Haunted’ locations. However, a few points of advice. If and when you do plan your visiting to these locations understand that there are a few key points that any experienced paranormal research/investigator will follow when doing so. Otherwise you may be disappointed, when your expectations are not realized.    1. Forget everything you've ever heard or read about the location being haunted, including legends and folklore, 2. When visiting or investigating the locations, concentrate your effort on a potential natural cause, 3. Look for consistent information regarding the location from various independent witnesses, 4. Only use the definition ‘haunted’ when you’ve actually experienced it for yourself.    If you apply this type of analysis to your visited location, you’ll most likely appreciate any actual paranormal phenomena when it does happen a lot more. It is unfortunate that media hype regarding the paranormal is so consistently incorrect. But experiencing truth behind the paranormal in a realistic manner can be quite rewarding, and very exciting, when it does happen. And please don’t forget to drop us a post card.