A ‘Member Agreement’ should cover at least three things: 1. Nature of the Service – What is the nature of the service being provided for which the person wishes to become a member?  In other words, what is the nature of the benefits being offered by the paranormal team and what are the reasons to become a member of the organization? There can be both a legal aspect to the agreement, such as damages arising from their negligence, or profiting from a client’s case, as well as business issues, especially since some paranormal research teams are providing a service that requires everything from learning opportunities, to lecturing and potentially media engagements. In any event, these must be decided and set forth in the agreement. 2. Rights of Termination – Both the member and the paranormal team’s leadership have the right to terminate. The ‘how’  is a process that must be set forth within the agreement. What are the circumstances when these rights arise?  And if the member has paid fees to become a member, what happens to those fees upon termination by the team?  Are they refunded in whole or in part? Yet on the other hand, if the member is terminated because of violating the team rules, are fees forfeited? If that member caused damage, say at a client’s site or with the team’s equipment, will they be held liable for those damages? Again, this needs to be set forth in the agreement. 3. Obligations of the Member – This is a very important part of the membership agreement since it defines what the member can, and more importantly perhaps, cannot do when representing the paranormal organization.  Restrictions that should be addressed include but are not limited to: o That the membership is personal and cannot be sold or assigned; o That the member will not post or sell information that violates the rights of the team and its clients, including rights of privacy, intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademarks and the like; o That the member will not use their web site or any of its forums or chat rooms or other interactivity to post commercial and/or send “spam” messages;         These obligations should then be incorporated into other provisions in which the team member represents and warrants that he or she will not violate these obligations and agrees to hold the owner harmless in the event of any such violation. Your Almost Done . . . Now the Final Paperwork The Final Step – Buy In The Paranormal After Everyone’s Bought-in, It’s Time to Create the Member Agreement
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