Your very first meeting as an official team should be mandatory for the entire group. As it is essential that the team begin working as a collective group to develop your paranormal team’s guidelines. This exercise will also allow you as their leader in particular, to see how the group interacts with each, as well as ensures everyone ‘buys-in’ to the rules and guidelines they’ll adopt. This will also help establish effective interpersonal communications among your team members and successful communication is a key factor (with a few other critical components to be covered in the next few pages) of the group functioning as a collective, as if a single mind. The group’s decisions made during this meeting will determine how each member will be measured in how they strive to apply the teams ‘Mission and Vision Statements” toward the team’s overall success. When the group functions as a cohesive team, they have the power to impact the success or failure of your objectives. By team creating and adopting the team guidelines, will drive them toward, and ensure your paranormal group is successful in their endeavors. Here are some suggestions in how to adopt rules and guidelines. All team members are equal; every team member's opinion will be thoughtfully considered; each team member will honor all the guidelines committed to by the team; each team member agrees to constantly assess whether team members are honoring their commitment to the team norms established. Each team members will speak respectfully to each other; nor will they talk down to each other; will positively recognize and thank each other for team contributions. All team members will listen without interrupting; hold no side or competing conversations; follow the rules for effective meetings; attend the meeting on time; always work from an agenda; minutes will be recorded at each meeting; end meetings on time. Leadership for the meeting will rotate; the team leader/sponsor will attend all the meeting, meeting will be held at least monthly. Each team member will buy-into the majority decisions, the team should have an agreement in place for communicating and complaints about other team members and how they will be addressed by the team or its leadership. Team members will make decisions by consensus, but majority will rule if timely consensus is not reached; conflicts will be addressed and resolved directly with the persons in conflict. Determine meeting schedules at least six months in advance. Once the guidelines and rules have been established and documented (a charter), plan a meeting for which to adopt the charter as a collective group. All members of the team must be present at the meeting, because once adopted it will be "owned" by all. Leader of the first team meeting should keep in mind that the object of the first meeting is to brainstorm a list of guidelines (and/or rules) that will help create and guide an effective team. o Remember that in a true brainstorming session, the more ideas generated the better. Do not comment on nor critique the ideas, sometimes what sounds silly can be quite pragmatic . Simply ask a team member to record them on a flip chart or white board where the whole group can see them. As well as in the team’s minutes. o Once the list of team guidelines and rules has been generated, you will want to cross redundant ideas off the list. You can decide to keep all of the teams suggestions, or through discussion determine those that will be kept as a team. There is no recommended number of team guidelines or rules that are needed, as they can be edited over time as experience dictates. Keep in mind that "all" team behavior cannot, and should not, be legislated! Only the most important interaction areas need attention. Examples include effective conflict, communication, and keeping commitments. Each team member of the paranormal group commits to ‘living’ the guidelines and rules set forth by the team, and if they believe a team member is violating an agreed guideline, to bring it to their attention, remembering to be respectful, before involving the entire group. Once adopted, distribute the Rules & Guidelines to all the team members, and post them in the team’s meeting room. Periodically (say quarterly) evaluate the effectiveness of the team on achieving the teams goals, and how well your team is living up to its Mission and Vision Statement. When doing so remember to keep the 12 C’s in mind:Clear Expectations, Context, Commitment, Competence, Charter, Controls, Collaboration, Communication, Consequences, Coordination, and Cultural Change. Establishing Guidelines The Paranormal Empowering Your Paranormal Team Defining the Expectations for the Team All members of a work group must be present or postpone the session. Do record the group norms agreed upon as memories are short. Evaluate whether the group is following the norms, at least monthly. Tips
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