In the Shadows Paranormal Project is an international collective of like-minded individuals and paranormal organizations that studies and documents paranormal phenomenon throughout the world. The series of processes and procedure developed over many years of combined experiences has created a methodology designed to create a single mind in the field of anomalous research and investigation. When you become a member of 'The Paranormal Project,' you agree to follow these few simple guidelines. They are the foundation for a quintessential unified process for collaborating information that may one day define what we do as an 'anomalous' science. We enjoy what we do and we all do it well. However, we still maintain our objectivity by understanding, it's not a game. Although we find it can at times find it to be quite exciting, we are not weekend thrill seeking 'ghost hunters.' There guidelines are designed to define how we operate. Therefore compliance to these guidelines is essential, and any member violating them will be expelled from the project, and possibly there team. In the Shadows Paranormal Project GUIDELINES The ITSPP Guidelines The Paranormal Feel Free to Copy This Page as a Template for Your Team 1. Before any investigation begins, all ITSPP members involved in the investigation (including any observers), are required to sign to have signed the following two In the Shadows Paranormal Project legal documents: o The 'Assumption of Risk o The 'Confidentiality Agreement  Your team's case manager will be responsible to verify that these forms have been submitted and properly filed before qualifying as an official ITSPP case study. Anyone who has not signed these forms will not be participating as an ITSPP member during the investigation and may NOT represent themselves as charter member of the In the Shadows Paranormal Project. NO exceptions. 2. Under NO circumstances will 'FIRE ARMS' or weapons of any kind be allowed on any In the Shadows Paranormal Project case investigation. NO EXCEPTIONS, NO DISCUSSION! Violations will result in immediate dismissal from the project and may be reported to the proper authorities. 3. Each member will be expected to act in a professional manner at all times when represented as an 'In the Shadows - Paranormal Researcher,' and agrees to identify themselves as such by wearing the ITSPP identification badge provided by the project's organization during a sanctioned investigation, official gathering, or public speaker. In addition to the ITSPP identification, you must carry on your person, any government issued identification (driver license, etc.) to verify your identity yourself, not only to your clients, but the local authorities when requested to do so. 4. Mutual respect will be given to clients and other team members at all times, regardless of whether they are an ITSPP member or not. This includes showing respect the personal feelings of your clients and team member's at all times remembering to 'do no harm.' This includes respecting the laws of the land, personal and real property (public or private). 5. As a member of the In the Shadows Paranormal Project you agree to avoid putting yourself or others in a dangerous situation, which includes horseplay, illegal activities (including, but not limed to the use of illegal drugs and alcohol while conducting a sanctioned ITSPP investigation for yourself and your organization), or any activity that would be considered life threatening. 6. You agree to respect all posted 'No Trespassing' signage, without having secured the legal paperwork from the land owners or title holder, and/or government offices (such as national, state, or city parks, etc.). 7. You agree to NO SMOKING during any officially sanctioned ITSPP investigation or meeting (or remove yourself from the premises to do so). Nor will you wear any perfume or cologne during an official investigation (including aromatic shampooing prior to the investigation). 8. Anyone found to be dishonest while representing themselves as a member of In the Shadows Paranormal Project will be disbarred from the organization and possibly face prosecution, if theft, deliberate vandalism, or assault, has been committed during the case investigation, it will be immediately reported to the proper authorities. 9. We all members of the In the Shadows Paranormal Project by choice, and no one will ever be forced to do anything within our organization that is either illegal or dishonest. Violations of this rule will not only expel you or your entire group from the project, it will be reported to the proper authorities as well. 10. Not every team or individual is well suited for all phases of a paranormal research project. However, anyone doing covert reconnaissance (spying) for any another research group organization, or entity (government or otherwise) will be considered untruthful and dishonest, and thus will be cause for you and every member of your paranormal team to be expelled from the project. Our partnerships extend to major universities and other organization throughout the world and information is already being shared when properly requested via the proper channels. However any attempt at espionage, or the release of confidential information (client or other ITSPP members) being disseminated to the media, newspapers or otherwise, without the proper authorization (release forms having been completed), be not be tolerated and grounds for dismal from the project. 11. Falsification of, or tampering, with ANY evidence at ANY time by an ITSPP member, or within a member's paranormal group, will force the In the Shadows Paranormal Project to will be grounds to expel that member and their entire paranormal team from the project by association. 12. Under NO circumstances whatsoever, will any member under the In the Shadows Paranormal Project charter, be allowed to contact the media and/or represent themselves as an official representative of the In the Shadows Paranormal Project. Any media inquiries should be redirected to the 'In the Shadows Paranormal Project,' the Dimension Zone, or any subsidiary of the World Nexus Publications for approval. Nor is any confidential client information to be released to the media, or any individual or group, as many clients do not want the notoriety & publicity that may ensue and everyone has signed the appropriate 'Confidentiality Agreements.' We are not doing this research because we crave the media attention. We are a research organization that will only disperse client confidential information with explicit legal permission by the client. Once deemed a charter member of the 'In the Shadows - Paranormal Project,' each individual from their respective paranormal group or team will be expected to abide by the rules, policies and procedures presented under our charter. If you feel that you cannot abide by this requirement, then you may want to consider creating rules that fit your organization or join another organization. Violating any of the rules set forth, may result in suspension and/or expulsion of the ITSPP charter. In the Shadows Paranormal Project GUIDELINES
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