The In the Shadows Paranormal Project guidelines were built upon a professionalism methodology based around our philosophy. It is this methodology, that we will be sharing on the Dimension Zone with you. We encourage you to adopt as much of it as you’d like, or none of it at all, it’s your choice. However, a team without rules, has no measuring stick for gaging its credibility, honor, or reputation. For you Star Trek lovers out there, liken it to an adaptation of the ‘Prime Directive,” and make it your team’s prime directive. Defining Your Team’s Direction The Paranormal Asserting Your Paranormal Team’s Purpose Creating a Mission and Vision Statement What’s Are They? Nothing more than a ‘Mission’ and ‘Vision’ Statement. Words that inspire your team that clearly and concisely convey your paranormal team’s direction. By crafting a clear Mission Statement, followed by Vision statement, you will powerfully communicate your intentions and motivate your team to realize an inspiring, and hopefully common vision of your future direction. Your ‘Mission Statement’ should define the team’s purpose and primary objectives (paranormal investigation and/or research). Its prime function is to define the key measure for team's success – and its prime audience is the leadership team and its members. The 'In the Shadows - Paranormal Project (ITSPP) sole mission is to endeavor in assisting the living, who are experiencing severe, disturbing, or frightening paranormal phenomenon in their lives, including, but not limited to, ghosts, spirits, entities and other unknown mystery referred to as a haunting, and all other phenomena and related ramifications in an analytical, logical, and scientific manner. ‘Vision Statements’ on the other hand define the team’s purpose, but is measured by its values (the guiding beliefs about how things should be done). It should be written to communicate not only the team’s purpose, but its values. Giving direction about how the team is expected to conduct themselves as well as inspire them to give their very best. In sharing these two statements with your clients, it not only provides them a better understanding of why they should work with your paranormal team over all the others out there on the World Wide Web, it allows them to know you’re not just a weekend ‘Ghost Hunter” that will disrupt their lives with little or no scruples. 'In the Shadows Paranormal Project' is a driven group of international paranormal teams and individuals, who are dedicated to discover, investigate, research, document, and catalog the truth behind the paranormal event(s), and provide closure for all those affected; living or dead, as well as advance paranormal research as an anomalous science in its own right. Each member of In the Shadows is internally trained by the In the Shadows Paranormal Project, and adheres to its methodology and philosophy regarding situation deemed as paranormal phenomenon. We further affirm that we are dedicated a continued study of the paranormal, by attempting to help our clients develop a better understanding behind what they are experiencing within their live, to the best of our knowledge.   To create your mission statement, first identify the team's prime subject of the discipline of strategy. It can take a lot of effort to find, shape and deploy, but over time it can be modified to fit your team. This is the idea or approach that will make your paranormal team stand out from all others; the reason clients will come to you first and not your ‘competitors,’ so to speak. Next identify the key measures to gauge your success. Make sure the ones you choose are the most important (and not to many). Combine your ideas and success measures into a tangible and measurable goal. Refine the words until you have a concise and precise statement of your team’s mission, which expresses its ideas and ideals, and can measure the desired result. Tips for Creating a Mission Statement Once you've created your team’s mission statement, move on to create its vision statement: First thing to identify is your organization's mission by uncovering the real, human value that defines your team’s mission. Next, identify what you, your team, and your clients will value most about how your organization will achieve its mission. Distill these into the values that your paranormal organization has, or will have, and how it plans on attaining it. Now combine your mission with the values, and polish it up until the words provide  you with a valid ‘vision statement’ that’s inspiring enough to energize and motivate your team, your clients, your allies, and your competition. Creating the Vision Statement
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