Over the last ten to fifteen years of paranormal broadcasting on television and the myriad of grandiose paranormal 'ghost' flicks that have hit the big screen, 'Ghost Hunting' seems to have become a popular hobby among many fans. So much so, that it has truly become a global weekend pastime that has hindered this anomalous science from advancing into the mainstream. Despite the number of teams around the world purporting to be experts in the science of paranormal investigating and research techniques, it's sad to say, most are not. In fact, most lack a uniform set of rules and or clear cut objectives to follow or any inkling of procedural methodology. Instead they've wrecked havoc on many poor unsuspecting clients, whose life gets turned upside down by an incompetence that only interjects an additional trauma into their lives. Then there's the runaway hooliganism that is perpetuated on private property (only because it looks haunted, or is rumored to be.) This affects hundreds of cemeteries and derelict buildings around the world. These trespassers, most often than not, enter without regard to trespassing laws, nor do they display any resemblance of reverence for the deceased, regardless of how long ago they died. Many are known to drink (or drug) themselves into a frenzied stupor as they hunt their prey: ghosts. Many destroy private and public property in a lame attempt to rouse the dead for a photograph. Vandalism is not only incomprehensible, it's also down right infuriating to those of us who understand that these priceless historical relics can never be replaced no matter how much money is fined for damages caused by the vandals. To make matters worse, the culprits are rarely apprehended, let alone put on trial. Vandal strikes not only assault the dead, they insult the living. Although it is unknown exactly how much vandalism is committed globally, it has been estimated that damage to cemeteries alone has cost tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars each year, in the United States alone! What can we do to circumvent this? It's uncertain and a hot topic for debate. However, In the Shadows Paranormal Project believes that those of us that do this believe there's much more to it than just seeing a ghost. Our passion drives us to discover why the phenomenon happens and discover some answers. It is therefore up to the dedicated paranormal teams and individuals to battle ignorance with education and only hope that the doors that were slammed shut by the weekend 'ghost hunters' will soon be reopened to those of us with the knowledge and the discipline. Teamwork Working Together Teamwork Teamwork doesn’t come naturally, its learned, and when a team is in ‘sync’ as a cohesive unit, there’s no stopping the collective mind dedicated to a common goal. Their bond powerful in the paranormal world as a positive force to the supernatural. When every individual is dedicated to moving the team forward, and each member shares the workload, the entire group will function like a high performance Ferrari. Which will not go unnoticed by the client. When an individual is only in it for themselves, and the trill of the hunt, they become the weakest link that will cause everyone to fail. Because as a group, you succeed together, or crash and burn together! The latter, not good the advancement of paranormal research as a mainstream science. When a person on the ulterior motives that are self-serving, how can it be good for the team? When your start, or become a member of paranormal group, your highest priority and single most important objective is the well-being of the client. You are there to resolve what has been plaguing and disrupting their lives, not add additional trauma with incompetence. So if you’re into it for just the ‘thrill’ of seeing a ghost...go elsewhere, or wait for Halloween and enjoy your haunted house dream fantasies. There is a lot to building and maintaining a paranormal group that is not often realized. As there is a lot of interaction, not only with the client, but with each other. And everyone on the team should bear the load of reviewing the evidence, and making sure their vigil logs are maintained...for every bit of information you share with each other, could be a critical piece of knowledge to your colleagues, in and out of your own respective team. Every team member should be knowledgeable in every step of the investigation process...including but not limited to the setup and breakdown of all of the equipment, the paperwork (case reports, investigation logs, etc), the review of all of the collected data, and following up with a review to the client, as well as a return visit within a few weeks after the investigation. Reviewing your data for paranormal evidence can often take days or weeks (depending on how much and what kind of data your team gathered). This should be completed by the team in a systematic manner, as well as review it as team before going back to the client with your analysis. You’d be surprised how often team members will not be available for anything but an investigation... and find every excuse in the book for not being a team player...this is when you need to be a manager and do what’s right for the team... Weed them out. But lets not forget the client...you’d be surprised (maybe not) how often the client is literally left in the dark and NEVER hears back from a paranormal team regarding their case! So if you’re in this because you believe you’ll get rich and famous with your own popular paranormal television show, or subject of a movie, think again. For the most part, it will not happen and you’re in this for all for the wrong reasons.  But...if you’re in this to know your helping others, and have a strong desire to learn more about the ‘other side,’ there is a lot you can gain in learning how to do it properly. There’s nothing like seeing the gratification of a client as their eyes swell with tears when you explain what has been disrupting in lives, with the honest answers you’re able to provide them; paranormal or not. Because when you’re honest and upfront, and present the facts in a respectful and professional manner, your clients and the general public, will praise your team, and provide your entire group with not only more confidence, but a willingness to learn more. In so doing, you all become better and better, and your professional reputation will follow you...You decide if it’s good or bad. Case in Point In January of 2004 In the Shadows Paranormal Project was called by a client in Colorado that had so many paranormal events occurring in their home that they were at their wits end. The problem was that they had had already two investigation with no results provided them, nor follow up from the teams that investigated. Even after numerous calls trying to get feedback, they felt they were given the run-around and gave up. However the hauntings continued... Desperate they contacted a third group they’d seen on a local television new program, and thought they’d give it another try. Knowing their problems, one of the reporters that covered their story, told the client about us and the client called to invite us to give our impression as an observer of their investigation. We accepted. When our ITSPP representative arrived at the client’s home, he found that there were fourteen (14) investigators present with what looked like a crates of equipment and canvas bags strewn all over the 1180 sq. foot, split level, 2 bedroom room home (with full a full finished basement). This is the video that was taken by the Denver Director of ITSPP, who had quietly set up in his HD video camera, unobtrusively in the far corner of the living room where he stayed for a little over an hour. After that, he left... Please watch the video taken that night and ask yourself “Would I like this team to do an investigation in my home?” By the way, the client never heard back from this team, and the only report they received was from In the Shadows Paranormal Project. ITSPP has now completed well over 6 investigations in his home over the last four years, a couple of which two lasted the entire weekend. To date, this case has provided us with a myriad of evidence and several new cases. To date, the client is still occasional plagued by a visit once in a while, but now understands how to deal with the haunting and acts accordingly, unafraid, and sometimes amused when their visitor drops by unannounced from the other side . Paranormal Teamwork A Step by Step Methodology
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