Ironically the first choice on everyone's list is of course a cemetery, and many believe the older it is the better. But as a general rule the newer cemeteries can be better, especially for the novice paranormal investigator (In the Shadows Paranormal Project does use both of them for training purposes). This however it can be a double-edged sword. Let us explain what we mean and then you decide for yourself where you'd like to go for a night out at night to practice. Usually the spirits you'll find in a newer cemetery tend to be 'newly departed’ souls that recently died. Because they have more of a tendency to hang around their grave for a period of time, staying close to their body, refusing to pass 'into the light' for one reason or another. Their reasons they choose to stay behind and roam the Earth is only known to them, as they exercise their free agency to do so. However, your encounters in older cemeteries on the other hand, will tend to be either a 'residual recording’ (what appears to be a spirit but is more like a 3-D hologram replaying itself, and usually only under certain weather conditions), or an encounter with a much more powerful spirit or entity, that more often than can turn out to be malevolent in nature. Especially when the is located near or adjacent to a mental institution, prison, or a hospital that catered to the terminally ill. As these types of cemeteries have had a while to accumulate more restless entities over the years. Not to mention that these cemeteries are often populated by very troubled souls. Remember, a good person in life would more than likely become a benevolent spirit, whereas a vindictive, dishonest, abusive, and otherwise evil person in life will continue to be so after death…taking everything with them that was a human condition! That of course that's not to say you won't encounter malevolent entities in the newer cemeteries as well, because you will. Especially the malevolent being that goes looking for unsuspecting souls and the newly departed…much as a predator at a New York City bus terminal, will be looking for ignorant and trusting people just getting of the bus from Iowa! Only in the older cemeteries you'll find that since the 'newly departed' souls are rare (as many of these cemeteries no longer accept new burials) the malevolent entities look for the living, and very much like the predator at the bus station, for someone naïve to victimize. So knowing this be warned not to set yourself up as an unsuspecting target! Gaining Experience Where Do Paranormal Investigators Go After Dark? Types of Cemeteries In most cities around the world their are all types of cemeteries to explore. However before you do, be sure to check out the local trespassing laws regarding entry after dark. Since vandalism is most common in the early morning hours of the night, cemeteries can be heavily patrolled by the police. In some localities, usually non-Western societies, you’ll find other unique forms of burial...often telling a lot about the culture and belief systems of their societies. However the most common are: Church Cemetery – These were the first cemeteries in New England and throughout Europe often have the oldest burials (outside Native American sacred lands). Some churches even continued the custom of burying prominent donors inside the church under the stone flooring of the church chapel under which the congregation sits. Family Plots - Burial family plots usually located on or very near the family residence and where immediate family is buried (sometimes close friends, neighbors and extended relatives.) Garden Cemetery – Cemeteries that are categorized as some of the most beautiful with statuary, lakes, streams, chapels, etc. Rural Cemetery – The first graveyards of American townships throughout the United States and are easily found on roadways and back rural roads of any county in the country. Often on the edge of town. Urban Cemetery – Modern 'public' cemeteries operated by the city in which they're found, and are not too picturesque and often are usually quite large and often ignored as far as maintenance. Memorial Parks – Much like the Garden cemetery however do not have large obtrusive monuments cluttering the landscape. Usually flat stones embedded into the lawn that allows for easier mowing and is much less labor intensive (like trimming stones of unobtrusive grass and weeds). Military Cemetery – These were established first by Abraham Lincoln when he decreed the Battlefields of Gettysburg as 'Hallowed Ground' the in the Gettysburg Address, and are resting places for many wars and branches of the country throughout it's rich history as a young country. Potter's Field – These were graveyards for suicides, witches, illegitimate babies, the poor, the prostitutes, the vagrants, and the indigent. Even having many mass graves, and unmarked or numbered tones. Battlefields – These are great places simply for the fact that many violent deaths in one place will always have some type psychic energy. Historical Landmarks and Buildings – Due to the age of many of these buildings, they have had a chance to attract spirits that have attached themselves to the property. Many often with a history of hauntings, like old courthouses, libraries and slave quarters. By asking properly you may be able to gain permission to enter some of these premises after closing hours. Theaters – Actors and Actresses portray emotions on the stage, and these emotions can certainly attract the attention of ghosts and spirits. Many theaters around the world have reported strange occurrences, deaths and mysteries surrounding their property. Schools – Are also a good source of emotional energies that has built up over many years, many believe that they attract wandering spirits, vindictive young people who died unexpectedly, and even malevolent entities and souls intent on targeting the ‘living’ and staff. Other Points of Interest Paranormal Teamwork A Step by Step Methodology
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