Once you’ve had an opportunity to transcribe your audio recording (and hopefully you were able to pickup on any signs of deception in the process), you’ve decided that there is a valid concern for the client, and a closer examination into the situation is necessary. Of course the next step would be to conduct an in-person interview and preliminary walk-through investigation of the location. For which you will want to take at least one other member with you assist with the interviewing processes. With proper training of your team, each and every member should be able to assist you, during which a very specific line of questioning will be asked of all involved parties. It’s also a good idea to record these interviews, preferably on video, however audio will suffice. But first you must contact the client to make an appointment. The process is not much different that your initial contact email, with the exception that here you will let them know that you feel there is due cause to proceed with an in-person interview, and walk through of the purported location of paranormal activity. Within this email, provide them with copy of the ‘Client Event Journal’ (an activity log) for them to note any paranormal activity they may encounter moving forward. The In-Person Interview Moving Forward with the In-Person Interview The first thing you’ll need to do is to line up another team member or two to assist with your in- person. The reason for this, is that having another member present not only provides you with another observer to bear witness to the interview process, but allows you to separate the client witnesses (say husband and wife, roommates, or children) to be interviewed simultaneously. This not only will save you time and energy, but will also help ensure that everyone is telling the same story, without any influence from any other witnesses involved with the case. If you have more than two people to interview, it would be a good idea to do each interview privately, without anyone else involved or present during the interview. Another good practice when you conduct client interviews is to let the witnesses know you’ll be video recording the interviews, which again, will allow you to concentrate on what they’re telling you, and not bogged down by writing out their answers. Ninety-nine percent of the time, you’ll get no objection, especially when you remind them of the confidentiality agreement. And don’t be surprised should you also capture an EVP or two (electronic voice phenomenon) during your conversations with the client and/or the other witnesses. If a third member can join you, it would be ideal for them do a walk-around with any of family members not being interviewed to map out and observe the client’s surroundings. Drawing out a floor plan and making notes of things such as electrical outlets and extension cords, appliances, drafts, creaky floor boards and stairs, etc. Thing that you may wish to investigate further. Or anything that may be brought to yours or their (your team member) attention; be observant to your surroundings at all times during the interview process. If it’s only two of you, the walk- around will be done by the two of you with each of your witnesses, separately. Again audio or video record it if at all possible. Client Event Journal This ‘activity log’ simply asks the client(s) to begin to document additional information about any paranormal activity they are experiencing moving forward, in an effort to assist your team to better asses the situation, developing a plan, and determine how many investigators will need to be present. This log is a very valuable in additional collecting evidence, as it is fresh in the client’s mind, and makes them more aware of things to note that may be important to their case. Have them record as much information as possible for each experience of activity: 1. Describing the activity. What happened and where did happen? 2. Notate the day, time and weather conditions at the time the activity occurred. 3. What was the duration of the paranormal event? 4. Describe what they may have been doing at the time the activity occurred. 5. Describe how they were feeling before, during and after the activity occurred. Preparing for the In-Person Interview The In-Person Interview The next step is to conduct the interviews. Remember to to be on time, and ready. As almost anything can happen while you’re doing the interview. Be sure to pay particular attention to their body and voice language. Whoever is taking the lead from your team on the investigation and whoever is assisting with the interview, should follow through with very specific set of ‘control’ questions, nearly exactly like the ones used on the phone interviews. These questions will basically allow you to compare notes between the two interviews, and also be recorded as part of the process, available for later review. Other members of your team that are present may observe, if they are not conducting other interviews, and will act as witness the interviews being conducted. Paranormal Teamwork A Step by Step Methodology