The Seven Important Steps of a Paranormal Investigation 1. Initial Contact Interview – This will establish the credibility of whether or not an actual investigation is warranted by the client. 2. In-Person Interview(s) – During this process you will not only watch and listen to what the client has to say, but pay attention to what the client doesn’t say and their body language. These techniques will allow you to establish  not only the client’s mental state, but their credibility in order to determine whether an investigation is warranted. 3. Research – Now that you’ve concluded your interviews and decided to move forward with an investigation, you and a member of team will begin performing some background research on the case. 4. Plan – After you’ve gathered the background information, it’s time to plan the investigation by choosing the team members to participate, do a preliminary walk- through of the site, and create a plan that will include both a time-line and equipment list for the investigation. 5. Investigate – Executing the investigation is the most critical. as there are many things to consider for each case and each client. However, it is often the most enjoyable part of the case. 6. Report – Once the investigation has concluded (unless multiple visits are deemed necessary, in which case each should follow the same procedure) it is time to collect everyone’s written report and process any data collected for review, usually within 48 hours after the investigation has concluded. 7. Reveal – Here is where you will reveal to you client the information your team has assembled in a simple report, with any collaborating evidence and present your discovery. The Processes of an Investigation In the Beginning First Contact IMPORTANT NOTE: Never, under any circumstances, list any of your team’s phone numbers on your paranormal web site. This is for four obvious reasons: 1) You’ll be opening yourself up to receive crank phone calls at every hour of the day or night from every lonely person in the city, psychopath, drunk, prankster, degenerate and religious fanatics out there. Everyone! 2) You’ll have to change your phone number, which can be a royal pain, 3) You’ll receive phone calls at every hour of the day...yes that was  number one, but also number three for good reason. 4) Nor should your team phone numbers go on any of your team’s business cards (for the same reasons listed above). Instead, only provide a hand-written contact phone number on your card to selective individuals, including your clients, and preferably a phone number that goes directly to an answering machine! That said, we’re assuming now that you’ve received an email from your website from someone experiencing paranormal activity, be it an individual or a business owner, who is expressing interest in your team’s expertise. It’s now up to you to collect the preliminary information you will need to determine whether the request is a valid plea for help or someone yanking your chain. But more importantly it needs to be done on your terms, thus it’s up to you to set the stage. Send a return email that is concise and to the point, with one simple objective, to get a phone number for the contact, and a convenient time to call (provided one was not included in their email). By doing so, you will gain the upper hand by setting the ground rules from the onset.

Crank Yankers

Here’s a really good example of what a crank call may sound like, from who else but Comedy Central. WARNING: This clip is not appropriate for all audiences nor anyone one under the age of18, as it contains EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT intended for ‘Mature Audiences!’ Here’s an example reply of what the email may look like: Paranormal Teamwork A Step by Step Methodology The content of this website is the copyright of World Nexus Publications © 2008-2011