hroughout history encounters with otherworldly beings have been recorded. Recorded in the book of Enoch, where he was taken to heaven by benevolent angels (which many UFOlogists now believe was an early recording of an alien abduction). It has been discovered that many other ancient texts seem most likely be describing haunting\s by inhuman spirits, that possess no soul, as well as other various tales of oppressions and possessions, by mostly malevolent entities (demons if you will) that seem to interact with yet a higher entity form. What can be said about legend and folklore, is that they are what was once accepted as fact throughout history, yet what’s to say that the facts of today won't be just as absurd in the future? Also, what was once imagined as a fantastic story or far-fetched legend, now through science has become revealed; ancient creatures of the deep are constantly being uncovered and found to really exist, civilizations once mythical have been discovered under the sands of time in far away deserts, and new evidence is now constantly being revealed to support the strange and phenomenal, in the scientific, paranormal and supernatural worlds. So isn't it logical that nothing in nature can really be considered absurd, just because we don't currently know the answers? Since the dawn of the human race, stories of strange spirits, entities, unexplained creatures, angels and demons have haunted mankind. Yes, many of these tales have been embellished, exaggerated, and modified. While some may have been fabricated, reports of cryptic beasts from lands far and near are tales of a higher and more spiritual nature that may not, nor should not, be so easily discounted, as these tales have survived many centuries and are indelibly etched into the human condition and our psyches. These accounts should not be dismissed merely because mankind fails to unearth their mysterious secrets through modern science, but should be examined even more closely, as a detective watches a suspect during an investigation; to collect evidence through observation, and credible witness accounts. When discussing the ENTITIES and ELEMENTALS, we should take into consideration all these tales of lore, from all over the world, because although many of these stories may appear to be unrelated throughout history, the fact is they are. If you were to take them on a case-by-case basis, they may reveal the valuable clues necessary to make the connection. Possibly similar experiences, from a different disassociated culture, people, and civilization, that may provide some pretty credible evidence as to their validity. So hang on to your seats while we examine both the mild to the wild, the positive and negative, and all the areas in-between.
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