Ambivalent Entities or neutral spiritual beings can usually not be found in Western religions, which normally divide the inhabitants of the cosmos into those who are either allied with, or in opposition to, a Supreme Being. Islam, however, classifies spiritual beings into three distinct groups: Angels (mala'ikah), Demons (shaya?in), and Djinni, (genies). The latter category is inclusive of the entities, in this case, spiritual beings, that may be either benevolent or malevolent. According to many legends throughout the middle-east, the Djinni were created from fire over 2,000 years before the creation of Adam (the first man), and are capable of being both visible and invisible, allowing the Djinni to assume many various forms - either animal or human - that can then either help a man, or hinder him. Through the cunning use of superior intellect, or magic, a man may, however, be able to sometimes manipulate the Djinni tor his own benefit. There are of course, as mentioned earlier, other ambivalent entities knows as the four major Nature Elementals - Earth, Water, Fire and Air, and the minor spirits which they use as minions under their control - spirits of streams and river, forest fire, mountain winds, and many others that have been recognized by primitive religions for thousands of years, and all are generally neutral, and all with various degrees of power. However, these ancient religions knew they were not easy to control, so in order for them to become beneficial to man, proper sacrifices had to be made - both animal and human - and the proper rituals performed to appease the gods (these entities and spirits). In both Christianity and Islam, other realms of intermediate beings between the sacred and unholy began to make appearances in various religions around the globe: celestial and atmospheric entities, or spirits belonging to a divine deity; terrestrial and evil spirits opposed to worshiping the deity; spirits referred to as the devil (who has many names) and his minion demon entities or evil spirits, including ghosts, ghouls, and goblins; and the lesser entities including nature spirits and fairies.  The one thing that they all had in common was that they did not possess a soul. Souls were reserved only for humans, those born of the earth. Yet the ultimate goal of these entities was to claim and possess those souls, those humans, and usurp them into their realms
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