When mankind thinks of the angels, it is usually around the Christian celebration of Christmas, when hymns and carols sing their glory, and it is time to top the Christmas tree with a plastic angel and a star. But what do most people really know about these 'benevolent' entities (or spirits if you will)?  Even the non-believers get caught by the warmth of love and friendship and forget that there's much more to it than plastic angels and booze. It's a pity that not very many people really understand who the angels are. Unfortunately, many people have some pretty strange notions about them. Some believe that when a person dies, he or she becomes an angel. If one associates benevolence with angels, okay then. The truth is that rarely in the scriptures is having an angel appear to anybody 'really good news.' They usually only show up for some pretty dirty business...usually involving death and destruction. To really understand them, let's go back to the very beginning of written scripture. The Bible only actually mentions the names of four angels, from the countless millions that were purportedly created. They are Gabrielle, whose name translates, 'God is Mighty', Michael, whose name means, 'Like God', Raphael, meaning, 'God Heals', and a name everyone on the planet is familiar with, Lucifer, whose name actually means, 'Light Bearer.' And they were all created for good! It is told that Lucifer was the angel who rebelled against God and allowed his greed and pride to cause him to covet God's Throne in the heavens and to denounce the worship bestowed to God, even though it belonged to only God. This was the beginning of a mighty war in Heaven. Lucifer, along with one third of the angels was defeated by the Archangel Michael and cast down from Heaven to earth where his name then became known as 'Satan', a name literally translated to mean; 'The Adversary,' and many other titles such as the 'Devil,' or 'The accuser of the brethren.' It became clear that Satan (Lucifer, the Devil) is not equal to God in the ancient scriptures, yet somehow became the opposite! Where God is the ultimate 'benevolent' force in heaven, Satan is now the ultimate 'malevolent' force on earth. And the deed is sealed for humanity. God had also created other archangels that became his warriors of vengeance, and by definition were granted powers by God, to keep Satan at bay. This was a blatant attempt to limit Satan's power, ensuring that he would never gain more power than God allows. The content of this website is the copyright of World Nexus Publications © 2008-2011