eaning – ‘Light Bearer’ Lucifer was god’s favorite Archangel, a given the name by God because he was God’s most cherished Archangel before he turned on God. Lucifer is referred to as the “Morning Star,” as “Light,” as the “Prince of the Power of Air.” His sin, and the origin of his transformation into the Devil, stems from his envy of mankind and disobedience to God. Lucifer resented God’s command that all the angels of heaven should worship the image of God in the newly created Adam. Thus when the Archangel Michael ordered all angels to worship the image God (Jehovah) had made of himself, Lucifer refused profoundly. Allegedly saying, “ I will not worship one inferior and subsequent to me. I came before him, I’m from the creation. Before he was created, I was already here. He should worship me.” Other angels subordinate to Lucifer similarly refused to obey God’s command despite the Archangel Michael’s warning that God will be bring his wrath upon them. Then the cosmic battle ensued in which Michael’s legions were finally able to cast Lucifer’s and his other fallen (fallen from God’s grace) angels out of heaven into the bowels of the Earth, (paradoxically called Hell, to a place also created by God.) Lucifer’s transformation into Satan, the Devil, was complete.  The Devil in turned planned his revenge against Adam, exposing man’s weakness of spirit. Blaming Adam for his expulsion from glory, and heaven. Thus, most extreme transformation imaginable, God transformed his favorite Archangel into Satan – The prince of darkness, and all the other angels that fell with him, into his devil minions, tormenting all mankind.
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