Shadow People are typically described as being dark or black humanoid-type silhouettes with no discernible human features like a mouth, nose, or even a face, yet the basic shape is almost always the same, and identified as short and bipedal. Appearing as a child-sized human, with no definitive shape that is basically a shapeless mass. There have been some unsubstantiated reports that they can change from humanoid to other unknown or unrecognizable shapes as well. Although it’s never been actually documented, there are some rather controversial declarations that they can have strange features like glowing, or indiscernible, eyes. Movement is said to be quick and often uncertain, appearing and disappearing through solid matter,walls and doors, at will. 'Shadows People' are probably the most widely reported type of sightings of any of the entities defined that can often can be explained by a natural events or phenomena. These brief and unexpected encounters cannot however be definitively categorized, nor can it be explained away as a spirit, with or without a soul; nor whether its origin is human or inhuman. Exactly why this type of apparition appears as dark shadow or silhouette is unknown, but there could be several possible and logical hypotheses. First, is that light since light does not seem to reflect off them is that the entity lacks enough energy to form as a complete apparition (an assumption by many subjective paranormal groups that it is a ghost or spirit making an attempt at materializing); which may account as to why this type of sighting is often mistaken as being a demonic being, or an inhuman soul. Due to the fact that they seem to always appear as an all-black figure or shadow (thus the name), and black is associated with evil, white being pure and angelic. Thus, it lacks any concrete evidence to support either and is subjective and irresponsible to deduce it is neither an apparition of ghost or spirit, nor a benevolent 'angel' any more that it can me a 'malevolent' demonic being. A second possibility is that these 'shadow people' could be from yet another dimension passing through our earthly dimension, or time travelers from our future. Nor does this rule out the possibility of another parallel universe; one that for some reason has opened up long enough for us to 'sneak a peek' into it. And yet another, not unfounded possibility could in fact be that of an extra-terrestrial visitor; one that is somehow cloaked by an invisible field as to not be detected, not unlike Harry Potter's 'cloak of invisibility.' Whatever they are, we can definitively surmise objectively that if is paranormally compelling. Paranormal, taken literally as 'out of the norm,' and cannot be explained one way or the other. Those who have experienced this phenomenon the most are those studying the paranormal, investigators and researchers. Of which, they all seem to agree that the shadow  people phenomenon , these entities, almost always seem to be seen out of the corner of one's eye and only for a few moments. And when they are captured on film or video, they nearly always seem to have a strange effect on their digital camera equipment (no matter how expensive or how high a definition that equipment is capable of) that turns the photographic evidence to appear quite grainy on film. A phenomenon known to usually affect digital equipment, when there is a high energy field is in close proximity to the equipment that can often affect the sensitive digital camera sensors of the device.
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