Before we begin ... Let's discuss that fine line we all call the 'Grey Area' and how it all came to pass... Within Western Christianity, it is assumed that 'The Fallen' were angels exiled from God's presence in Heaven. Banishment, in punishment for disobeying God for their rebellion. To better understand 'The Creation' in Genesis, one must examine early sources for information regarding the progression of 'good vs. evil,' to gain a better understand where and how it all began regarding angels and demons. For that we turn to the Persian prophet Zoroaster (an ancient Iranian philosopher thought to be born between the 18th and 10th century BC). His analogy agrees with that of Western theology, and that is that the primary 'fallen angel' was Lucifer, and he rebelled against Heaven in a great war, taking with him one of third of Hosts of Heaven (angels), who now roam the Earth as eternal demons to torment all of mankind until Judgment Day, when at which time, they all will be eternally vanquished into the pits of hell. The Egyptians however, 5000 years earlier had a much different analogy. They believed that 'benevolent and malevolent' entities roamed the earth, disguised as deities, with a specific hierarchy to these supernatural beings. Basically, the Egyptians believed that benevolent and malevolent entities were all subordinate to the gods; possessing specific powers, that are not universal but rather limited in nature of the 'Angel or Demon.' In general, the influence of each spirit is circumscribed to one single task, acting on behalf and under the command of specific deities. The available sources do not elaborate on the origin of demons; nor are they explicitly mentioned in Egyptian creation accounts. However, as they do often appear to act as emissaries to the deities and are subjects of their will and whimsy. The hypothesis was that demons were a creation of the gods that may have found its way from the ancient scriptures into the creation that forms the Holy Bible. In order to protect mankind against certain malevolent entities 'the gods who created demons to rise against a man" required a benevolent deity to guard against them. Today paranormal studies have been attempting to distinguish just what these demons really are, and evidence is mounting to the belief that they are nothing more than the 'roaming dead and disembodied spirits of man,' some with benevolent characteristics, and others with malevolent intent. In most studies, the demonic nature of an entity is nothing more than manifestations of deceased humans in the netherworld. Egyptians also believed that these entities acquired some supernatural status only after a metaphysical transformation generated by death and ritual rites. The belief is that some human beings were malevolent in life, and all spirits in the afterlife can be classified into the two main groups the Egyptians did; benevolent or malevolent. It is evident that antiquity has identified evil as the main essence to 'Demons,' it only makes sense to the notion that benevolent spirits should be classified as 'Angels.' The ancient Egyptian religion also relates the existence of demons to 'evil,' which is believed to be the realm of chaos outside the created world. However, although this negative connotation cannot be denied in light of the magical texts, the role of demons vis-à-vis the human world remains ambivalent and dependent on their specific context of appearance. In general, it can be stated that demons always act on the borders between order and chaos. Therefore, in order to define the ancient Egyptian conception of angels and demons, it seems that the scholars that assembled the King James version of the Bible, felt it fitting as necessary to relate it in in Book of Genesis, in trying to create some order to all the scattered theological beliefs of the time, which often included paganism and rituals of worship. They were in fact on the edge of forming today's 'religious frontiers. Bringing order into chaos, and an explanation to the origins of Heaven and Hell, Angels and Demons, sacred and unholy, where none existed.
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