Many paranormal investigators find it very offensive, and often taboo to charge for their services. However, it is a subject that needs to be brought to the forefront, as it has been a gnawing annoyance for anyone serious about the science of paranormal investigations. Much like that stone in your can live with it, but you’d be much better off without it. In order to understand both sides of the coin, let us first review some of the facts. For the most part, paranormal investigation is an expensive hobby. Yes, a compelling and often compulsive one, but a hobby nonetheless. Many of those serious about the science, spend their own, hard-earned, money and pour into their paranormal equipment. Add to this the time, travel and personal expenses, it can get quite expensive. However, there seems to be an unwritten rule that paranormal teams should not charge for their services. And most don’t even charge the client a single dime. Yet many will accept donations It has been brought to the attention of the Dimension Zone, In the Shadows Paranormal Project, and the Journal of Anomalous Sciences (all World Nexus organizations) about the ethics of paranormal organization doing something that may bring in the necessary capital to perform their service. Of which, most paranormal research teams are quick to explain that there is no profit in what they do. Which unfortunately is true. As many of them pay their own way, with their own money, to do what they are compelled to do–investigate the paranormal. Much of the technology used for investigating the paranormal is quite expensive, so in order to offset those expenses some teams have begun charging for services provided. When they do other teams, as well as clients, are extremely critical about this practice. Many teams have resorted to marketing to help offset their expenses, and for good reason. For example, maintaining the Dimension Zone, and all its related websites cost well over $5000 a year. Yet we do not charge the web surfer for providing this information. Thus we try to offset those expenses with advertising. Somewhere the line had been drawn, and now expected, that anything related to the paranormal research and investigations should be free. Should it be, really? A tough question that no one has yet been able to justify. We know that the Dimension Zone websites are not an inexpensive undertaking into bringing the Anomalous Sciences, including everything else paranormal, to the public. Understand that we do so not because it’s a complaint rule – it is because we are passionate about what we do, an act of love if you will. We do because we believe that at some point that the realm of the paranormal being a pseudoscience, should become classified as legitimate science. For that reason, all of us on staff at the Dimension Zone, freely give you our time, our knowledge, and our dedicated passion into this resource we call, ‘The Dimension Zone.” Although the topic of charging has become a heated debate, no big surprise there, we would be interested to hear what you think. Should paranormal investigation and research stay a hobby?  Or would you be willing to pay for a service knowing that the team you have brought into your home or business is not only reputable, but highly qualified to perform an investigation, and therefore warrants to charge for their services? Please take the poll, let us know what you think!
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