Because paranormal investigators are serious about the investigation all around the world, most rely on their equipment to provide them the tools required to gather valuable information for research. Although the technology keeps changing, and is often expensive, this list can be quite long. Thus this is just a sampling of the technology being used by many teams. It should also be understood, that in order to conduct effective scientific research during the investigation, it is necessary to know what to use, when to use, and know how to use it, to better determine what is naturally occurring and what may be caused by paranormal activity. It is also important to note that most teams do not have everything listed in this arsenal, nor does its use make an investigative team any more effective. In most cases, team members provide their own equipment at their own expense. Which is also why many rely on contributions from clients or may even charge for their services. In the Shadows Paranormal Project is lucky enough to own a wide range of high-tech equipment, which made available to members attending on-location seminars and our Most Haunted events. Please note that choosing the right equipment from the arsenal for an investigation is usually determined by a ‘team leader,’ of the project, and setup by the entire team; both before and after each investigation. This ensures that all team members are adequately cross-trained on the proper use and deployment of the equipment. It is important to know what should be used for a specific case, and know how if is the right equipment an investigation. Otherwise there is no point in having such equipment if it’s not being utilized properly. It is a good idea to use every opportunity as a training session, on the proper use and care of the equipment. This includes learning how to safely setup and use all equipment used during in an investigation. As mistakes in its use could not only cause serious injury, but render the data and findings invalid. Always ‘inspect what you expect,’ as there is nothing more exasperating than not having any physical evidence from an investigation, because it was improperly configured. There is nothing more exasperating than having an exciting night of paranormal activity, and not having any evidence to support it. The Tool Most Frequently Used The Equipment Ghost Hunting 101 The content of this website is the copyright of World Nexus Publications © 2008-2011