One of the many functions what In the Shadows Paranormal Project does is to perform what we call ‘Resolve and Emancipate’ a spirit. This is where we attempt to determine why the spirit continues to remain bound to this earth. Once that issue is determined, an attempt to assist the spirit resolve those issues is made to help them move into the ‘light.’ Thus emancipating them from this world, which can often present a whole new set of issues. Issues that will then hopefully help free them (emancipate) to move on to whatever is next. Often requiring several attempts before being successful. Other times a competent psychic or medium may be needed to assist in the crucial to the process. You have to simply keep trying to discover what the spirit needs, and continue talking to them in a reassuring tone to urge them to move in to the next realm. Remember now, we're dealing with belief and value systems of a deceased individual, we must try to keep in mind the most basic fear of human nature, ‘the fear of the unknown.’ Which when you think about it is why we're all investigating paranormal phenomena in the first place. Otherwise it wouldn't be paranormal now, would it? This entire process can often take many sessions and a lot of time to complete. One may even encounter an uncooperative spirit that becomes downright angry, mean and vindictive, while refusing to cooperate. Even to the point of making threats to the living if we don't stop what we're trying to do. All of which can unnerve any living human that is unfamiliar with the spirits often 'idol threats.' So before we begin any séance, or other means by which we mean to cleanse an area, we collectively begin with a simple prayer to re enforce our own values and beliefs as a whole. It doesn't matter whether we as individuals are religiously spiritual, adhere to Wiccan beliefs, or are total non-believing pagans or atheists when it comes to any sort of a Deity. Instead, this practice is intended as a means to bring forth ‘positive’ energy into the area that is often perceived as a ‘white light,’ form of energy to the spirit, and to repel any negative energy that may be present.   When anyone first experiences a particularly vivid encounter with an entity, spirit, or inhuman force from '’the other side’ they're bound to get nervous and often terrified about what to do next. Especially if they’ve just experienced their first encounter with a resistant spirit. In order to understand more about the ghosts, spirits, and entities, we’ve put together a few facts to remember to order to keep you from loosing any sleep the experience: Ghosts DO NOT Follow You Home – Ghosts usually haunt a location, which can be for example a residence, a business, a common or secluded street, a battlefield, and yes, even a cemetery, for reasons known only to them. If they could leave or wanted to leave, we wouldn't find them there in the first place. Ghosts CANNOT Make You Do Anything You Don't Want to Do! – Ghosts do not possess any supernatural powers, nor do they hypnotize the living! They do not possess any power beyond the grave that they did not possess in life! However be aware of the fact that if they were cunning in life, they'll be cunning in death. If they were intelligent in life, they'll use that to their advantage in death, and if they were dishonest in life, they should not be trusted in death. You should keep your shields up at all times as they may try to confuse you by mixing truth with lies to lead you down a road you won't want to go. BUT, the choice is always yours! Frankly, any spirit which is still tied to this plane has specific reasons for being here, and it's usually not on a power trip. In fact their powers are significantly less than an average living person. Ghosts CANNOT "Curse" You As I mentioned earlier in this article, ghosts are only human, but without a body. It is thought by many that they may be residing in another dimension or plane, and occasionally "phase into" ours. The have no superhuman powers other than perhaps enhanced telepathy, especially when communicating with a psychic, clairvoyant, or sensitive. I've never heard of any documented cases where a ghost or spirit put a curse on anyone! But they can be known to curse at you!  Ghosts CANNOT Willingly Hurt You – A poltergeist (meaning a "playful spirit" or "child ghost") is usually credited with the physical movement of objects, whether they're thrown, dropped, destroyed, or simply move; and more often than not, have been proven to be associated with a living agent (usually a prepubescent female, and rarely a young male). It is debated in many circles as to whether a poltergeist is in fact a spirit (or ghost) working with an 'agent,' or if it is only the energy created by the 'agent' that we're seeing. The only time I've ever seen anyone getting hurt during an encounter is when a person becomes startled and it usually amounts to nothing worse than a slight bruise, bump on the head, or a slightly twisted ankle. Which is precisely why we warn against "hunting" alone. It's not because ghosts and goblins will get you, it's because you might get seriously hurt and could require someone to physically help you out or get you medical attention. Or even worse, you might encounter some even scarier living entities in dark dreary drunks, drug addicts, or thieves, hiding in places that no one else will go, for precisely the same reason they do! It's not dead we need worry about, it's the living. Ghosts Will Not Haunt Your Dreams – Unless of course you're deliberately sleeping in a haunted house or camping on a haunted battleground. Spirits do not usually travel away from their earthly locations that are familiar to them with the intention of bothering you. Or haunting  you, if you will.  If you do experience "unwanted thoughts" or nightmares after encountering a ghost, you should consider finding another hobby, and get some professional help to help you through it. Ghosts are not the problem here. Hollywood imagery can be a lot fun, but remember "it's NOT real!" Oh come on, steering wheels jerking out of your hands. Bed canopies sprouting spikes and falling on you. Get real and keep it in perspective. It's someone's vivid imagination put into script, made into a film, and put into theaters for one reason alone. To sell tickets and make money: that's entertainment - That's Hollywood! People DO NOT Get Possessed By Ghosts – The only time that anything remotely possible along this line could happen, would be if you consciously agreed to accept a ‘trance state’ in order to do so. Or possibly by opening a portal to the 'other side,' intentionally or unintentionally, that would invite them in. But a person has to INTENTIONALLY invite the "possession," or something else is going on, and it would be wise to seek professional help in these matters. But it can pretty much be guaranteed that it won't be a ghost doing the possession! Most Ghosts Will Eventually Move On – Earthbound spirits as we discussed earlier are here for a specific reason known only to the ghost. Often they're fighting the inevitable of moving on and would like to turn back the clock somehow. But in most cases, they're simply not ready to, are unsure of how to do it,  or have a minor task to accomplish before accepting the attraction to the "light."  This is where our psychics, clairvoyants, and sensitives can be of assistance to the spirit, guiding them when they're ready to move on. As most hauntings are not malicious, thus it's only necessary to force them, when they've outworn their welcome. Ghosts Will NOT Follow You Home – NOT a chance, this is not something you should ever have to worry about. It simply doesn't happen. Hopefully this will help put your mind at rest. If you have other questions or worries, no matter how silly you think they may be, always feel free to ask us. Investigating paranormal activity can surprising, it can often be boring (sitting around in the dark and waiting), but more often than not, it's quite rewarding. And here's a word of warning - if you're interested in pursuing this field, you may discover that once you've encountered a "ghostly" manifestation, or come to face-to-face with something you cannot explain logically, you could become totally consumed by it, and want to learn more and experience it again! Even though investigating paranormal activity is usually not hazardous in itself, and spirits as a whole are not maliciously wandering this earth to haunt the living as portrayed in movies and novels, remember NOTHING BAD can, or will happen to you, unless you let it! Will a Ghosts Follow Me Home? Simple Facts to Remember
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