In the Shadows Paranormal Project is a non-profit international alliance of paranormal investigators and researchers from around the world. We all operate independently, and are dedicated to promoting and sharing our knowledge and experiences in the field of paranormal investigation as a collective expertise for promoting and sharing our skills in the art of investigation, research, and exploration of any anomalous paranormal phenomena. Our international alliance consists of investigators, researchers, advisors, and consultants that span all walks of life, education, cultures, belief and value systems, religions, and socioeconomic boundaries focusing on the single commonality called, the ‘human condition.’ Each member, brings with them years of experience and dedication to the field of paranormal studies, and to the project. Internally we have all contributed that vast knowledge and experience in creating an ‘internal’ certification* program designed to ensure we are all operating ‘in-sync’ as a collective, withing the guidelines of the project regarding methodologies and procedures, in an objective, unbiased, logical, and scientific manner. We however, do not limit our knowledge only to our associates. All information will be disseminated to anyone wishing to learn more about the paranormal. Nonetheless, only project team members will be able to contribute to the ITSPP database and review the full catalog of international case reports, including video & photographic evidence, and the final conclusion and/or resolution to the case. Members of the ‘In the Shadows Paranormal Project’ will also be able to partake in our planned on-line training sessions, including seminars with guest speakers and/or special events. So whether would like to know more about becoming part of the ‘In the Shadows Paranormal Project,’or just learn more about discovering the truth behind severe, disturbing, and often frightening paranormal activity, consider yourself welcome. Your comments will always welcome. The content of this website is the copyright of World Nexus Publications © 2008-2011