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Our Mission Michael L. Jones – Associate Director Vice President – CIO  Michael studies quantum physics as a hobby, has over 20 years of experience in computer technology, and is quite skilled in the design and building of complex computer programming. Michael is currently employed in the aeronautical  industry, and assists the JAS with his technical prowess in his advanced programming skills. He is also an “experiencer” and uses his abduction experiences to help other abductees by actively maintaining his discussion forum. Jari Mikkola  – Director Editor in Chief & President  Jari has researched the anomalous sciences for over 35 years all over the world. His work at IBM has currently has him living in the Netherlands.  Throughout his international career, Jari has had the opportunity to explore many of the World’s Most Haunted locations, is the founder of World Nexus Publications, The Journal, The Dimension Zone, Occam’s Enigma and the DZ Nucleus. As a published author of many articles over the years for various publications, it was a natural transition for him to create The Journal of Anomalous Sciences. Diana Caprio – Associate Managing Editor Diana has been involved with the paranormal since the early age of seven when her grandmother piqued her interest talking about the paranormal. Over the years Diana has read many books and began researching purportedly local hauntings in her area, some of which were used and published in articles on the paranormal. Her experience and passion is a valuable asset for the team in the preparation of every issue because of her attention to detail. A win-win situation for us all. Kurt Page – Associate Director Paranormal & Investigative Research  Kurt is the founder of Portland Ghosts/Portland Paranormal Investigations which was founded in 2010. Portland Ghosts focuses on the research aspect of the paranormal while PPI is the investigative side. Two events in the past are responsible for Kurt getting interested in the paranormal. One was a phone call he received in 1980 from his recently departed grandfather and the second involved a series of unexplained events on the night one of his best friends passed away. Both of these events were also experienced by other family members at the same time. HOME HOME THE JOURNAL THE JOURNAL DZ NUCLEUS DZ NUCLEUS OCCAM'S ENIGMA OCCAM'S ENIGMA QUANTUM MARKETPLACE QUANTUM MARKETPLACE THE NEWS THE NEWS ABOUT US ABOUT US LINKS LINKS CONTACT US CONTACT US EVENTS EVENTS