On 6 April 1966, over a 100 witnesses saw something strange in the skies over Westall Primary and Secondary School (Clayton South, Melbourne) .  During the morning of 6 April 1966 at approximately 11:00 am on a calm Wednesday morning, a group of students and their instructor at Westall High School (now Westall Secondary College) were just completing their sports period on the main oval when an object, described as being a grey, saucer-shaped craft with a purplish hue and roughly about twice the size of family car was said to have been seen by around 100 students and teachers. The witness descriptions were mixed: Andrew Greenwood, the science teacher at the time, reported to The Dandenong Journal Newspaper that he had seen a silvery-green disc in the sky. According to witness statements, the object descended toward the school and crossed over the high school’s south-west corner, headed in a south-easterly direction. Eventually it disappeared from sight as it descended behind a group of trees and into a paddock at The Grange in front of the Westall State Primary School. After a short time, approximately 20 minutes, the object–according to about 200 witnesses–climbed at a speed faster than any plane they had ever seen, departed in a north-westerly direction. As the object gained altitude, several of the accounts said to have see it pursued by five unidentified aircraft, that surrounded the object before it disappeared. One cannot deny that the event occurred–however, what precisely happened remains a battleground of fodder for the believer and of course for those that don’t. Regardless, it’s still as big a mystery now, as it was then, arid the main question remains the same, ‘have we indeed been 'visited?’. For now the Westall Australia UFO sighting may very well be the greatest confirmation of extra-terrestrial visitation in Australian history, and everything a UFOlogist dreams of, only to learn that those files have been lost forever!
The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Australian Defence Ministry has mysteriously lost their X-Files before they were due to be released per the Freedom of Information Act. If you think about it, these documents were considered ‘Top Secret.’ thus if someone that had Top Secret clearance took the files, regardless of whether it was to see what information they contained, or other purposes, would be considered espionage. And therefore, could not even return them now that they’ve been deemed ‘declassified; because regardless of the reason, they would have violated some pretty serious espionage laws. As these files could have easily been top secret information regarding nuclear facilities or military weapons, putting the people of Australia at risk! So the question takes on a more serious matter, as we ask ourselves, “How can this happen?” Because the government’s reason for hiding the truth regarding UFOs in the first place, was because UFOs were, and are, considered a threat to national security. Which is why they were previously considered too sensitive for public consumption. Yet they just casually vanished? What seems to have slipped through the cracks of the ‘red-tape’ regarding this story, is that the loss of UFO files has occurred in several other countries as well, and in every case, with no substantial conspiratorial backlash. The Australian Freedom of information Act, a privilege that most first world countries around the world have, provides the public the right to review official government files. Thus, if an individual requests an official document(s) previously deemed ‘Top Secret’ information about anything Australia’s government has been involved with, they can. Unless of course that individual or group requests official government files regarding the Department of Defense;s UFO sightings program, then that’s a whole different issue. Because most probably, you won’t get a response, or if you do, get a response with the very simple message saying “Oops, can’t have ‘em, ‘cause we’ve lost ‘em.” According to Reuters, Australia’s officially declassified UFO x-files, that cataloged and documented thousands of official sighting reports,  have ALL mysteriously been ‘lost.’ After an extensive two-month search by a response request from the Australian newspaper, ‘The Sydney Morning Herald,’ under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, which forces government officials to release previous secret documents of public interest. However, instead of receiving the information requested, the Australian Department of Defense was sent a simple letter stating that they had been unable to locate the files requested, reported the Herald to Reuters. “The files could not be located in the Headquarters Air Command archives, thus we must formally declare them officially ‘lost,’  said the Department of Defense’s FOI Assistant Director, Natalie Carpenter, told the Morning Herald. Nor would the Defense Department officials return contact requests, which was reported by Reuters. Just three months ago, it was revealed that British files had mysteriously gone missing – files about a significant 1980 UFO encounter that took place at joint British/American airbases known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident in the UK, and the Baywater’s Incident in the US. "Yes, I've lost files, of course. If you lose any file it's obviously a mistake," said Nick Pope, who headed up the British Ministry of Defence UFO project from 1991 to 1993, while analyzing classified documents at the Ministry of Defence during his tenure. "If you lose a classified document or any classified file, it's more of an issue," Pope told AOL. "The higher the classification of the material, the more stringent the rules and procedures are for tracking the whereabouts of the document or material." And the same thing happened in the U.K. "I can understand why UFOlogists and conspiracy theorists might react to the loss of files," Pope said. "Particularly with the Australian story having come after the British story about the Rendlesham files. I can understand why people would say, 'This must be a conspiracy.'" Pope's 21 years working for the British Ministry of Defense has taught him the way government bureaucracy works: and files go missing all the time. "With these [Australian] files unclassified, I can well understand material being lost," Pope explained. "Sometimes, material is inadvertently destroyed. It's possible to imagine a scenario where someone who had no interest or involvement in the subject was reviewing material on UFOs and simply said, 'This is just a whole bunch of people who've seen flying saucers – this isn't really the sort of thing that we'd want to keep,'" he added. Another knowledgeable voice in the world of UFO studies is retired Army Col. John Alexander, who had high security clearance, spent much of his 25 year career going through the top levels of the U.S. government and military; while searching the whole time for evidence of a UFO cover-up by the US government, fining none. John Alexander, is the author of ‘UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities,’ stated that he is not at all surprised that Australia can't find their UFO files. But goes on to say, "Rather than a nefarious scheme, it’s most likely the files were just lost to neglect," it has been reported from an email he had written to America on Line. It seems that whenever news breaks about any country releasing their secret UFO files to the public, it's quite easy to get caught up in the hype, wondering if  some never-before-seen evidence will reveal that ‘smoking gun,’ and finally provide once and for all, that the Earth is being visited by intelligent beings from another world. In 2010 alone, the Internet has been blooded with UFO secret files, documents, video, and photographs that have been released by England, Brazil, France, Belgium and New Zealand, and so far, there is no smoking gun anywhere in sight. Yet Nick Pope says we still shouldn't downplay the release of UFO files. Because the more pieces of the puzzle that we have, the more likely the truth will be revealed.
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