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The Washington Post and other “mainstream” news media, both nationwide and internationally, are applauding the announcement on 12 April 2011, by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that it has made available on their new on-line reading room, ‘The Vault’ thousands of newly released documents regarding UFOs. Even one that reveals that it was the FBI practice to “burn thousands of UFO files,” and a declassified “memo” about  Roswell, New Mexico, being real. We would like to point out that with the government’s history of disseminating disinformation since the Roswell incident in 1947, the FBI’s motive should be considered questionable at best. The first 25 new files released contain more that 2,000 documents that can be downloaded and reviewed at your leisure from ‘The Vault.’ We are also pleased to report that we have also collected these documents for you and placed them here within our Dimension Zone database for your scrutiny (they can be viewed or download at the bottom of this web page). Although the FBI does offer some interesting information tidbits regarding UFO activity it has investigated, they provide absolutely no explanation as how or why they investigated these incidents in the first place and not turned them over to the United States Air Forces infamous ‘Project Bluebook.’ The fact that the FBI had secret UFO files since the 1940’s is ‘old’ news to the worldwide UFO community. Yet to the worldwide news media, the news about the FBI going public with ‘The Vault’ having declassified its UFO files is both interesting and important information to those of us who actually study UFOs. It is also disappointing that the FBI took so long to share this information with the public. Although it took the British government to finally release its UFO files, many nearly 60 years old, the FBI files don’t hold a candle to the 8,500 plus UFO documents just released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) just last month, let alone the thousands of others released since 2006. According to an FBI memo regarding the release of their documents, it was discovered that they contain information about three flying saucers that had been recovered in the Roswell area, along with the bodies of the alien crews. The memo goes on to add: "Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only three feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture. Each body was bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed fliers and test pilots." According to the witness in the report, the saucers were allegedly brought down by a "high-powered government radar" in the area that interfered with their spaceships' controls. "No further evaluation was attempted," the memo concludes. Another startling report by the Washington Post, and collaborated by other mainstream news organizations, the release by the FBI included details that the FBI was “so overwhelmed with sightings of flying saucers in the 1940s, that agents ‘routinely destroyed reports’ because of lack of filing space,’” according to these recently released documents by the FBI. Moreover, the Washington Post and London Telegraph (newspapers) spotlighted photos of a memo dictating FBI policy and dated 16 August 1949 to J Edgar Hoover, the then Director of the Bureau. The memo also pointed out that “documents on UFOs compiled by (FBI) agents were often compiled after statements had been taken from witnesses of the event.” CBS News reported the memo is “not exactly news” because “the so-called ‘Hottel memo’ – which the agency never corroborated – as been publicly available for many years. The Vault’s re-posting of the famous document has put its claims back on the public’s radar, as to what their intentions really are.” The FBI’s recent interest in releasing the once ‘top secret’ UFO files came only after the U.K. took the lead last month by releasing 8,500 new pages of highly secret and “sensitive” UFO documents by placing them on British National Archives database for the world to see. CBS News carried a statement shortly after their release by Michael Luckman, Director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research,” who called “these (FBI) documents a step toward full disclosure.” Five large files concerning animal mutilation, demonstrates the FBI’s hand at investing concerns by farmers who were having their livestock. Although the FBI reached no conclusion, one document refers to a UFO sighting made at the time a mutilation had taken place. Powder from the scene was taken by the FBI for analysis, which turned out to be nothing more than paint. Of course, any UFO conspiracy theorists would be quick to point out that the FBI would say that, regardless if analysis had shown it to be of an extra-terrestrial origin. In this document concerning Roswell, which even though it doesn’t have any hard information, as it claims the sighting to be a weather balloon, does show the FBI had an interest in the case. Bluebook - 523 KB Cattle_Mutilation_01 - 1014 KB Cattle_Mutilation_02 - 2276 KB Cattle_Mutilation_03 - 1679 KB Cattle_Mutilation_04 - 1751 KB Cattle_Mutilation_05 - 1619 KB Guy Hottel - 123 KB National Investigations 01 - 7333 KB National Investigations 02 - 4224 KB National Investigations 03 - 4606 KB Roswell - 58 KB UFO 01 - 7333 KB UFO 02 - 6769 KB UFO 03 - 7409 KB One of the biggest questions about the legitimacy of these files and their intentions, is a file (an office memorandum) said to be from FBI's database posted on – The Vault, about an FBI informant named Guy Hottel. Who had sworn that a space craft and bodies were recovered from an Aztec UFO crash in Mexico (click on the picture to enlarge!) Of interest to the Dimension Zone, is that this file, which demonstrates concern UFOs, purportedly written by Guy Hottel, a Special Agent in charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, has been ciruclating on the Internet for many years, and verified to be nothing more than a hoax. If so, why was it then included in these files by the FBI?  Hoover received an urgent teletype message from FBI agents in Salt Lake City, Utah, describing what appeared to be an explosion in the sky that was followed by "the falling of a silver-colored object." In reviewing both the UK National Archive secret UFO files and the UFO files from the FBI, the Daily Mail noted in its research, that “The sighting, recorded on 5 April 1949 by a guard at the army general supply depot in Ogden, Utah, was reported done independently by a military officer as well as a Utah Highway patrolman, who had both claimed to have seen a silver object explode as it approached the mountains at Sardine Canyon. Later in the message, the assessment made by the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations linked the sightings to two B-29s that had been practicing at extremely high-altitude on bombing runs in the Utah desert.” Here is the 2 July 1952 film of the event as reported, also included in ‘The Vault.’ In the memo, with the subject line being 'Flying Saucers', it is also noted that “Agent Hottel revealed that an Air Force investigator had stated that there were 'three so-called flying saucers that had been recovered in New Mexico.' The investigator then handed over the information to the USAF special agent, saying, “The FBI had censored both the agent and the investigator's identity.” Agent Hottel went on to write, “They were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter.” reported the Daily Mail and other international news sources in a story that created a lot of buzz on the Internet. Especially the UFO sites that feature various theories, while refusing to admit whether or not UFOs exist. In 1947, a rash of sightings of unexplained flying objects (UFOs) swept America. Although the newly formed U.S. Air Force was the primary investigator of these sightings, the FBI received many reports and worked for a time with the Air Force to investigate these matters. This release in The Vault details the FBI’s role in investigating such reports between 1947 and 1954. UFO 04 - 58211 KB UFO 05 - 6855 KB UFO 06 - 8837 KB UFO 07 - 14560 KB UFO 08 - 7363 KB UFO 09 - 13001 KB UFO 10 - 12768 KB UFO 11 - 7476 KB UFO 12 - 7722 KB UFO 13 - 15623 KB UFO 14 - 7243 KB UFO 15 - 15056 KB UFO 16 - 94256 KB Utah Video - 30485 KB Click to view or right click to download.