For example, the infamous descent of Neil Armstrong from the Apollo 11 Lunar Module onto the lunar surface. (Click to enlarge and you be the judge.) Original NASA Archive Image 2009 Digitally Remastered Image The digitally enhanced image above, is supposed to show the surface of the Moon in far greater detail than the original one ever could... Now watch television film clips of the infamous journey of the Apollo 11 Mission as it was recorded by television stations ‘live’ and viewed by millions of people around the world as it happened on 20 July 1969 @ 20:17:40 UT. In 1958 Congress passed the National Aeronautics and Space Act, effectively creating the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, known world-wide as NASA. Its mission, to research and pioneer space exploration, make scientific discoveries and conduct aeronautical research regarding problems humans may encounter in flight, both within and outside the Earth's atmosphere. As well as to to ensure that all United States space activities are peaceful and beneficial to all mankind. But how does NASA fit actually fin into the federal governments hierarchy? Under the Department of Defense, of course! Thus to better understand what NASA does, what it what it has accomplished and how it is organized, we must comprehend where and why it gets its money, before we can examine examine why it is so secretive. Then you will understand why, like any other government agency or and department, NASA proposes an annual budget, that gets incorporated into the Presidential fiscal budget, which is submitted to Congress. Congress then debates and compromises with the President (makes deals) before appropriating any funds to NASA through legislation that must pass both the House of Representatives, and the Senate known as appropriations bills. Think of it like child’s allowance, if the child behaves and does what their parents outline, they get paid their allowance, otherwise could suffer financially. NASA's success in carrying out its mission and achieving presidential directives is highly dependent upon on what funding the Congress decides NASA’s budget in FY 2000 was 13.6 billion USD, with a 2011 budget at approximately 18.5 billion USD, and a budget request for 2012 at over 19 Billion USD. The question we as tax payers must ask is, why then with cutbacks, and project cancellations, like the Space Shuttle program, does the agency’s funding include more capital? But now we’re digressing... NASA admits that it is currently engaged in a strenuous effort; to give some of the oldest pictures taken on the surface of the Moon during the1960s, a digital makeover. The Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project (LOIRP) initiatives are said to be an effort to enhance the properties of each of the images sent back by a series of space probes, as well as photographs taken by the Apollo Moon missions, by the American Space Agency, in an attempt to find a suitable spot for the landing of future manned missions to the Moon. At the time, the NASA images were taken, the cameras used the highest resolution available at the time. Although high-definition of the period is radically different from the meaning we give to the word today, NASA states that the level of detail we can now obtain supersedes by far the maximum capacities of the 50-year-old technology. By working on the old photographs, LOIRP claims to have managed to provide strikingly ‘fresh’ view of the lunar landscape. "Once we release these new images to the whole world, we'll be able to get see more craters and in much more detail," said the LOIRP team leader Dennis Wingo. Sevarl years ago they also took the initiative to enhance 1969 video of Neil Armstrong taking his infamous steps on the surface of the Moon, believing it was a much better view than before. One thing many researchers have realized shortly after the images and videos were digitized ), was they could no longer cross-reference any of the old pictures, especially since the originals were reportedly to have been destroyed by film decay or intentionally by NASA after the enhancements were made (claimed incinerated by NASA). Photographs such as those sent back to Earth from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) Mission, that is no longer operational because it was knocked out of commission long ago by small meteors and/or asteroids. Is this another government conspiracy designed to camouflage the real reason? Is NASA or the Department of Defence trying to hide something they don’t really want the public to see? Maybe. But it’s not one we probably ever know the answer to any time soon. Over the years, hundreds, if not thousands of theories have surfaced debating the authenticity of the events and photographs said to be have been taken by the Apollo Moon Missions. In addition to this, an equal number of reports that UFOs have accompanied the astronauts on their long journey’s. With several astronauts having come forward with what they whole-heartedly believe to have been alien craft following them on their epic journeys. However before we continue, it should be understood that the Dimension Zone, the Journal of Anomalous Sciences, and World Nexus Publications in no way endorses any of these claims. We only wish to shed light on the many possibilities surrounding some of the most popular theories to allow you to make an educated decision based what are believed to be facts surround the event. Which is why we would like to first address the question of, “Was it a hoax, or did it really happen?” Most of the popular photographs everyone has seen (we have no room for all of them) revolve around the question of the missions being filmed by a film crew at an undisclosed location, a Hollywood film studio or remote site elsewhere (some theorists imply that it could possibly have even been done at Area 51 or White Sands). Recently a popular American television program, “Myth Busters,” did an excellent analysis of many of the theories. Watch this episode, and you decide if they actually were able to put these ‘myths’ to rest. The content of this website is the copyright of World Nexus Publications © 2008-2011