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The time-line of UFO phenomenon has been the subject of great debate for a very long time. Some arguing that UFOs have been with us since the beginning of recorded history, citing Renaissance and medieval art displaying images of angels sitting on clouds looking much like what we would call a flying saucer today. Then there are biblical quotes like Ezekiel from the previous page, to the Star of Bethlehem, mentions in ancient literature going back to stories told by Plato and Aristotle, hieroglyphs on ancient temples and even cave art around the world. The amount of information on the Internet regarding the UFO subject is mind boggling to say the least, some really good stuff, but mostly a lot of nonsense. Some that even seems to be a deliberate attempt at disinformation. If you are new to the subject and have little or no time to devote to research, read on. As we hope to give you a simple guide that will not take a lot time to read, yet give you a good overview of what it’s all about. Whether you’re a believer, or a non- believer, you’ll find the information herein as objective as possible. Then of course there are those that are simply not interested or concerned about the UFO matters at all. We’ll just classify them as uninformed. Because they are as real as the airplanes that circle the world everyday, so common place, people simply ignore them. But to notice them, all you have to do is look up, and you will see them. The same goes for UFOs, just look up and you may be surprised at what you’ll see. If you watch the sky on a frequent basis, and you do see something you cannot explain or simply dismiss, you will come to the realization that just possibility some of your sightings may actually be UFOs.  An object possibly created by an advanced species, somewhere out in the universe of space, and perhaps millions of years from Earth. Then consider that if they were able to travel that great void of blackness, they must be light years more advanced than we are in technology. That possibility cannot, and should not be discounted Don’t Have DivX? Click Here to Get it!