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One of the best documented cases in UFO history is none other than the event over Phoenix, Arizona that has become known as 'The Phoenix Lights'. The first appearance of several to occur happened on the evening, around dusk, on March 13th, 1997, which was witnessed by  over ten thousand people. The account of all the witnesses interviewed on the case pretty much collaborate that a massive ‘V’ shaped boomerang UFO (about the size of 3 football fields from end-to-end, making it around 900ft.), drifted across the City of Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona, creating one of the most spectacular UFO events ever witnessed in modern history. The Phoenix Lights, as the case has become known began to generating police reports from all types of credible people; including children, scientists, military, and UFO experts, of which NASA footage was said to have recently surfaced. Although the even was initially ridiculed by the Arizona Governor at the time Fife Symington, he later admitted during a news conference in 2007 that he too was a witness to the event and gave compelling testimony to the reality of these mysterious unexplained visitations. The event itself defies skeptical scrutiny simply by the shear number of witnesses that witnessed the inexplicable and awesome event. Thousands of people have come forward with testimony, most of which stated their eyes were upward looking into the night sky in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Halle-Bopp Comet that everyone was talking about and had become visible in the horizon shortly after sunset. This event was most significant in that it quickly became a statewide incident that garnered international news coverage, from popular papers such as USA Today, the New York Times, and the London Daily Mirror. The sensation also caused the global news services such as, CNN, MSNBC, and the BBC to pick up, and run with the story. The Discovery Channel immediately began gathering information for an EXTRA report, while national morning TV shows, as well as the Evening News programs collected witnesses to interview and exclusive film footage of the event, with such American newscasters as Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather. UFO buffs all over the world will agree, that this is by far the best documented and most important mass sighting of a UFO ever recorded. However, even now, almost twenty years later, the military and the US Government only offer questionable explanations as to what was witnessed, stating that the anomalous lights were most like flares used in a military exercise, even though no such exercise had occurred. One thing’s for sure, is that never has any case in history had so many UFO experts and witnesses insist that what appeared that night in the Arizona skies was something from beyond this world. Though the huge light formation seemed to move at a crawl over Arizona, it was earlier reported these same lights had gained speed as they left Henderson–Las Vegas, Nevada, toward Arizona, the formation again slowed as it entered Phoenix air space. Initially, reports described from 5-7 points of light, and ultimately 8 with a ninth that trailed behind. The enormous object appeared extremely low as it moved appeared on the horizon over the mountains, with identifiable object behind it, giving photographic experts enough scale to triangulate its elevation from the ground, and distance from the camera. Making the craft slightly larger than a mile in length! The lights changed as it passed from a ‘bluish-white,’ to ’yellowish-white’ and ‘amber.’ Giving the object the impression it was a single object and not several in formation. At times the UFO was estimated to be clipping somewhere between Mach 2 and 3. Slowing over the city to as low as 10-15 miles per hour, based on the video and posted speed signs of  automobiles in the area, and hovered over Sky Harbor International Airport for several minutes. Some even reported the object appeared to change shape, speed, and color, when it began to speed its way across the Arizona desert. Some people reported seeing two round objects separating from the larger ‘V’ shaped object, fly off, and later returned to reattach to the main ship. One witness believed she saw the ‘V’ shaped ship divide itself into two separate craft as it moved southward toward the Tucson. Another dramatic description of the floating fortress was made by a group of real estate agents who had subdivided property near Camelback Mountain, north of Phoenix. Their close-up view of the gigantic craft allowed them to estimate the craft to be a staggering two miles wide as it flew over at a low altitude over the mountain. Reporting that they could see dozens of bright smaller lights along the leading edges of the craft that ported a row of windows with ‘silhouettes of people’ looking out. Which were not previously seen by observers on the ground until the giant craft turned off its lower lights. Two airline pilots that reported seeing the object, described it as ‘immense’  and estimated it to be at least a mile long. While one of the pilots commented that he could even see the city lights of Phoenix reflecting off the bottom of the massive object, while at the same time it ‘blocked out’ all the stars behind it. The other pilot was able to get some great video footage of the UFO, but said he had had the tape confiscated by a "Men in Black’ type encounter. The reports numbered in the hundreds, which are now thought to number in the thousands. Rendition of the Phoenix Lights Created by the Video Hoaxer gives a great rendition of what it would have look like that night. An informative report compiled of witness testimony regarding the event known as the Phoenix Lights on 13 March 1997. A C.G.I. representation compiled from witness testimonies, as to the movement of the craft seen over several sightings of what is known as Phoenix Lights Phenomenon. Witness Video of the Phoenix Lights taken on the night of 13 March 1997. Although the United States Air Force denied involvement in the event, regardless the magnitude to this event, it later became obvious that they were. While driving south on Interstate-17 from Camp Verde, a truck driver reported seeing two amber colored UFOs dogged along his semi slightly ahead of him as he moved southward for two nearly hours. His destination, a materials plant near Luke Air Force Base. Once he arrived the UFOs that had stayed with him, began to hover nearby as his truck was being loaded at the base. He then positioned himself on top of pile of material goods to get a better look at the two craft hovering above. He noticed a white glow around them, with a band of red lights pulsating on the craft as it hovered near the Luke AFB runway. The driver was startled when “two F-16s fighter jets suddenly scrambled off the runway with their afterburners full on." Soon followed by a third, as all three made a direct run toward the hovering UFOs. When the first two jets were about to reach the objects, they shot straight up, and disappeared instantaneously! A Luke AFB ground crewman later confirmed by Peter Davenport of the NUFORC (the National UFO Reporting Center) that the driver's account was accurate, and also reported that one of returning fighter pilots had to be helped from his cockpit when he returned, as he was visibly shaken from what had just experienced. Although the presence of F-15’s was never officially confirmed by the USAF, as expected, the airman who were interviewed were able to provide detailed information that collaborated the report, offering additional evidence to its accuracy. Especially based on other testimony that the investigators were able to extract from witnesses, over subsequent weeks and months. Two days after Peter’s first telephone reports from one of the airman, the airman that filed the initial report with the NUFORC was informed by his commander that he was being transferred to an assignment in Greenland, nor has that airman ever been heard from again. Don’t Have DivX? Click Here to Get it!