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Great Britain's most significant UFO incident happened at the RAF Bentwaters facility in Rendlesham Forest,Suffolk, England. On three consecutive nights in late December 1980 the drama unfolded. Rendlesham is a vast pine forest east of Ipswich, England, near Orford Ness close to the Orford Lighthouse, in Suffolk, and situated at the end of a 13 mile shingle spit which runs parallel to the Suffolk coast between Aldeburgh and Orford. It is important to note that the light range of of this lighthouse was around 20 miles, that became known as the great light (an important landmark, discussed later), as well as other buildings that were situated on this island. In 1980, they were rumored to be operated by the National Security Agency (NSA) – America’s most covert intelligence unit. Stories of Top Secret experiments were widespread, although the official function of the buildings was said to be for research for 'over the horizon' radar. On December 26th, 1980, Gordon Levitt who lived in an isolated house on the edge of the forest in Sudbourne. had been outside in the garden with his dog when he suddenly noticed a peculiar object flying towards him he could not identify. The object appeared to be an upturned mushroom with a greenish-white glow, that soon passed over them silently and carried on towards the twin NATO air bases of RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters. The following morning, Levitt noticed his dog had became quite ill, and was cowering in its kennel terrified of him and would not come out. The dog’s condition worsened and died a few days later. Near the east gate of the RAF Woodbridge facility, US Air Force security patrolmen John Burroughs and Budd Parker patrolled the area. They also spotted the strange craft and at first thought it was a plane about to crash, however they quickly realized that the craft was in fact hovering overhead and moved in a downward direction that eventually landed in the woods nearby. They immediately noticed a pulsating mass of colored lights, alarming Burroughs to phone the base. Since it was approximately 2 a.m., they knew there should not have been any military or civilian aircraft in the vicinity. Within minutes, security patrol sergeant Jim Penniston and driver Edward Cabansag arrived on the site and saw the strange craft that had been reported. Flickering through the trees, Penniston who took immediate command, tried to persuade Burroughs and Parker that a plane had just crashed and was blazing out of control. However, the two patrolmen knew whatever it was, had not crashed but instead had landed. Budd Parker remained at the gate while the security team entered the forest toward the object. As they neared the light, they were overcome by a strange electrical field that seemed to pervade through the woods, and began to loose radio contact with the command. Penniston then ordered Kavanasac to stay back near the road where they last had radio contact to relay messages from them to the command base, and he and Burroughs continued deeper into the forest. Approaching the location they felt the atmosphere was alive with inexplainable energy – that seemed to crackle, their hair on the back of their head and neck began to stand on end and their skin tingle. As Penniston came into range of the object, he described it as a conical object about the size of a small car that seemed to float on beams of blue light (some witnesses later reported having seen thin legs on the craft) and hovered approximately 30 cms or so above the ground. Around it a strange misty aura emanated from the craft and on its side were black marks that appeared to be a hieroglyphic type of writing. As the men attempted to get closer to the unidentified object they described that it was much like trying to walk through a thick molasses, which made it difficult to get closer to the object. When there was a sudden flash of light and the craft soared straight up into the air, hovered and disappeared with a bright flash that moved quicker than any craft they had ever seen. Both Penniston and Burroughs claim they came very close to an object that was unlike anything they had ever seen. As Airman (later Sergeant) John Burroughs insisted 'I do not now whether this was some kind of machine under intelligent control or a fantastic natural phenomenon – some rare kind of energy. What I do know is that it was nothing mundane. There are no words that can adequately describe the wonder of what we saw!'